Welcome to Gaia

Well the New Earth is officially here. You may not see it, yet you can. This I will discuss in detail later, as this is what I have been emphasizing for years now…it is all about vibration.

I have recently “moved” from New York to the mountains of Virginia, and each day amazes me even more. The reason the word moved is in quotes, is not because I haven’t…I have, yet it was more like I was pulled here.

After 56 years on Long Island, I was drawn to these beautiful mountains, and now I understand why. The New Earth was going to be birthed in stages not only here, yet in many places around the world.

They not only wanted me to witness it, yet myself and the person that has put me up in her house temporarily until I get settled, we’re actually needed and part of the plan.

I have been told that it was our combined light energy, that has allowed this to happen (here anyway). It is happening all over the world in specific areas, yet here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, her and I and of course the Galactics, were needed to bring it into reality.

So welcome to Gaia I have been told, the New Earth is finally here.

The ships arrive

One of the first nights we were outside and looking up, we were noticing all the ships which had appeared.

Adrienne (my friend, and Innerversity member) commented to me that she had never seen this before, and it was very obvious they were ships. “I wonder where they are from” she said.

Well I had already starting speaking telepathically to one of them, and they told me they were from Andromeda. So I told her, and she said “they just told you that?”

I said “yes, and watch this”…I have done this several times in the past, to show people I indeed can communicate with beings on the otherside. It is all about raising your vibration and understanding the concept of “believing is seeing”, and developing telepathic abilities…which we all have, Read this article I wrote on it.

I asked the (The Andromedan’s) to begin to flash their lights, and they did.

So, now as a comfort to us (as they are stationed right above the house), we check on them every night…to make sure they are there. Even if we go in early and do not walk the road (as we do that all the time), we go outside and wave to them, to say hi! They always respond by flashing their lights!

We walk the road all the time, because we are amazed at what we are witnessing. The fairies come out by the hundreds at night, and in a future article I will discuss them in detail. Plus like this one I will offer photographic proof as to their existence.

There is also a Sirian ship, and several Arcturian ones that are also permanently stationed over this immediate area.


Since the time I began to write this article, there are not only the ones mentioned above. There ships are from all over now. The sky is filled with them, and they are constantly moving around, and again in a future article I will write about them. Not to mention getting all this activity on film.

In addition an article just came out that discusses how the Andromedans have two ships (huge ones) stationed permanently around the Earth. One is over the Atlantic.

I was told, that is the ship we see nightly!

One night as we were out walking the road, the Andromedans followed us! It was very funny, as Adrienne’s Divine Twin (Paak) was on the ship, so he was picking on her. Saying these silly things to her.

He (Paak) seems to go onto that ship often, which is no big surprise, because he is looking after his other half…Adrienne.

So needless to say our friends from above are here and have arrived!

What is with the flashes?

One night we were outside, and noticed these flashes in the sky. Yet the whole sky was lighting up, so it was hard to tell where it was coming from.

So I asked the Andromedan’s, “is that you”. They said yes and what they were doing, was showering the area with 5th dimensional energy, in order to raise the vibration here.

This is happening all over the world. This is what they decided to do: they are doing this starting in selected area’s…and not well known ones as they have become too 3d. So they are raising the vibration here, and then slowly expanding the circumference of the area. Eventually these hundreds of sites around the world will join, and the entire Planet will be 5d.

It is funny, this as with much information we receive from the otherside, will show up in an article or two, just a few days later. Confirming exactly what we have been told.

As a matter of fact, check out the new “suggested reading” section for more of these articles.

Funny the new expression between my friend and I is….is it a fairy, a ship or a flash? What a “problem” to have! What we are seeing is just amazing!

Create your own 5d world

No need to move elsewhere…create your own world. Just raise your vibration, and ignore (without being insensitive) as much of the drama as possible.

Raising your vibration is much easier than you think. See my simple 7 step checklist, and remember where my information comes from. My Divine Twin who is on the otherside (she died in 1981), has been training me for 5 years now. Our story will be in a new “twin flame” section on this website soon.

Everyone is under the assumption, that we are all having the same experience. Not true. We are all individuals experiencing our own reality.

Think of a camera taking a picture of a party scene. Depending on where it is pointed (focused), determines what it records.

It can be a few people laughing hysterically, or several fighting and having an intense argument.

So it can be a great party for some, yet a horrible one for others. Depending on where you are.

This is how the world works. Don’t watch the news for a while, and see what happens. Suddenly you’ll notice so many great things going on, and the shootings, fighting in politics…etc, will not even enter your space. Someone in a conversation may say to you one day “hey hear about that mass shooting or Earthquake in so and so”?

Then you will realize no, that you didn’t. So rather than feeling horrible at that moment on that day (the shooting or quake), you were feeling great.

Maybe you were playing with you kids/grandkids at that time. Possibly walking on a nature trail…whatever.

The point is you FELT good and not down because of what happened.

I’m not saying be non-feeling and insensitive to such situations. Yet what can you do anyway?

Now you can do this all the time. EX: someone cuts you off on the road. Rather than getting mad, think of it as they may be racing to the hospital because a loved one was just rushed there…you don’t know.

Why let it ruin your day/moment?

Another: the person behind a counter waiting on you, gives you a nasty attitude. You don’t know what is going on in that persons mind. They might not feel well…Maybe someone they really cared about just died. The point is DO NOT assume.

Anger and sadness just adds more fuel to the fire. Then your situation never changes. Same feelings next time, just another incident.

This is why civilization has been going in circles for eons now.

Their focus is on the misery and not the joy.

Believing is Seeing

We have been using the Law of Attraction in reverse. That Law states, like attracts like. So anything of a similar vibration, brings more to you.

So focus on hardship and misery and you’ll get more of that. Conversely, focus on joy and laughter, and how great it is to be alive….and you get more of that. Things that make you happy.

That is Universal law.

While using that Law, never ask for a situation to be changed. That is attracting more of the same.

Picture and ask for what you DO want. This puts your focus on the positive and not the negative.

This is why prayer only works SOME of the time.

You cannot try to PUSH something away…that will only attract it. You need to focus on the outcome and what you want. This will pull it towards you.

Example: You may ask NOT to be sick…yet that attracts more sickness. Ask for perfect health and attract that. See the difference?


If you want more money…focus on abundance and not lack. Ex: I would like this (whatever). NOT…I do not want this crappy car, etc, anymore.

Also never put a time limit on it. The Universe knows best. This is where faith comes in. Just trust it will transpire and it will. We are not called the creator race for nothing!

One more thing when using the Law. Your vibration needs to be close to what you are asking for.

So if it is money you want, do not be asking for a million dollars if you have never made over $50,000.

Just focus on more abundance and it WILL come. You need to work your way up that vibrational scale.

You are supposed to do it from there (where you are at). No need to move here or anywhere else for that matter (unless compelled too). Your duty (mission) is to create the high vibration where you are at. This way it spreads from there, and finally encompassing the entire Planet.

Believing is Seeing….not the other way around. That has kept us down for eons now and experiencing that “circle” I mentioned.

As we allow ourselves to become more light filled (by raising our vibration), we also positively affect those around us. A pay it forward type thing.

Photographic proof

There is so much happening here, and remember you can do this yourself…no need to move, yet I want to offer some incredible pics.

There is a couple that lives down the road, they leave a nighttime camera on each evening. This camera is to capture the local wildlife, and is ONLY motion activated.

Yet as of late, they are capturing a lot more unexplainable stuff on film. So follow these pics, closely as much happens.

If the time stamp looks off, it is because they never set it in the beginning. It wasn’t until they started picking this stuff up in the camera, and I asked them if I could use the photos, did they correct it. The date is off in some, yet the actual time is correct.

In Pic #1, a deer activated the camera. Yet a mysterious strip of lights appear. What they are no one knows.

Then they moved the camera to another spot on the property.

In the Pic #2 photo there are several things. Notice the fussy thing below the flamingos head. Please note this camera is motion activated. Interesting! So what is it?

Keep an eye on that flamingo as it disappears in some photos. Then when it returns, it is placed differently…upright as opposed to leaning, as it is in this pic.

I addition, the house behind in the upper left of the pic has a deck the entire length of it, that has lights that go across the whole railing. Even though that deck is blocked by the tree and the shed, those lights will be clearly visible in later nighttime photos.

Look at the light that is on top of the white building that is front of the truck. You will notice in one of those nighttime pics, that it is brighter than in the others, and it also illuminates the tree on the hill (in front of it) in one photo only.

Remember this camera is only motion activated. So something is turning it on.

Now look closely at Pic #3. Not only can you see the lights on the deck (that should be blocked), notice the tree is illuminated. Not to mention the flamingo is gone!

Army man!

In Pic #4 there are several things happening here. The tree is clearly NOT illuminated. There is no flamingo, and below the lights on the deck (that shouldn’t be there), is a mysterious figure…to the far left.

In Pic #5 you can see that mysterious figure better. We call him army man. The reason being, is that the day before this photo was shot, I mentioned to this couple that I had seen this toy soldier like figure, hanging out and standing on a blade of wild grass (about 2 feet high) around this pond that is in front of the house where I am staying.

I had gone out there in broad daylight with the person who is letting me stay with her to walk that pond (we have seen a ton of activity around it). It was then I saw this 2 inch tall figure, standing on this blade of grass, and holding on with one hand. He was very dark…black.

Yet when I went to point him out to the person I was with, he morphed (shape shifted) into a Dragon Fly, and flew away. Yet it was like he had a helmet on and a hump (like a backpack) on his back!

So they said “I think we captured army man in a photo”. And low and behold it was him!

Now I’ll have more on that in a future article (the shape shifting), exclusively dedicated to the Elemental Kingdom…which is very real BTW. My fairy mentor who has been teaching me for over 3 years now, told me that when I moved here they came here in mass because of the energies rising. Yet they blended in with the insect population as to not upset the “normies”, who wouldn’t understand.

Also in addition I will discuss these gnomes (that are also part of the elemental kingdom) and what they have been up to.

It gets crazier!

Pic #6 is just so you can see, that the flamingo is back, and the light is brighter than normal. Notice is doesn’t illuminate that tree also.

Yet remember this camera is only motion activated. So something is turning it on.

Pic #7 & #8 are only two seconds apart. Yet the first is blurred and the second is not. Why? What activated the camera? Did they return the flamingo before anyone woke up! Humm!

In Pic #9 there is just a random light on the lawn. Is it a fairy, an orb, a light being, energy…what the heck is it?

In Pic #10 a strange light is pointing at the deer, and he seems to be aware of it!

Lastly Pics #11-13 show a random light. The two on top in Pic #11 and Pic #12 are from the house you can see to the far left in Pic #13. Yet there is a random light in Pic #12. Also on closer inspection I realized there are two! One is on the grass too.

In Pic #13 you can see that only a tree stump is there, and absolutely nothing on the grass….and again, what triggered the camera?

The point of all these pics, is it is getting crazier by the day!

More (much) more to come!!!!

Much love and light,


PS: New section… Fred’s articles.

Where does this information come from?

I feel as if I must write this, as some do not know me. I can channel information from above yes, although it goes much deeper than that. I reunited with my Twin Flame (who died in 1981) in 2014 and she has been teaching me since then, so all this information comes directly from the otherside.

We are all on our own path. Yet there is one thing we ALL must do to move forward and ascend. We need to raise our vibrations.

She led me thru detailed instructions on how to do this…so see this checklist. It is the only thing you MUST do, as the way out, is by going in ONLY. We need to reactivate our Heartmind. There is absolutely nothing else we need to do, we then become a beacon of pure light. Positively affecting all around us.

That story can be found on our original website, www.TheTwinFlameProject.com. Yet that site is to be shut down soon, and some of that information will be transferred to the new one. Our mission is more clear to me now, and helping people to ascend to 5d is my/our goal…hence the name of the site (LifeIn5D.Love).

I hope you enjoy, and get some helpful info from my articles.

Much love and light,