The Power of Nothingness

Strange word nothingness. Yet this is what they want us to do now. Nothing means a no thing or free, and ness means quality or state. So “free-state”.

This is the point we need to get to, where everything in our lives just flows and into a free-state.

This is the reason why we hear that over there, there is no RIGHT or WRONG…it just IS.

This is why…because they experience a free-state (nothingness), and rather than categorizing it and applying duality, everyone is on their own path doing their own thing and therefore there is no judgement.

Not that they want us to sit back and do nothing, on the contrary, they want us to stop acting as human doings and become human beings.

We are told we are human beings, although technically we are not. We are human doings…doing this, that and running here there and everywhere.

This is why meditation (quiet time) is so hard. Our, to do list always comes up.

The Ego mind always wants us on the go. The Heartmind makes us slow down and FEEL. Ever heard the expression, “slow down and smell the roses”?

Well if you just run by them on your way to a child’s soccer game (whatever) you cannot “smell” them. Now this is a metaphor (sort of), yet I believe you get the point.

We are on the hamster wheel all the time, just going round and round, getting nowhere fast. We need to jump off and slow down. Enjoy life…that is the answer.

We are here to have fun.

Turn on that light

This is why we are here, to slow down and go inside and find the real world by having some quiet time, and turning our inner beacon on…our light (heart light).

Then as we do that, and our light begins to shine brighter and brighter, we affect those around us. The asleep ones will finely begin to get it, and we will be there for them.

Never offer information before they ask, as that is forcing our beliefs on them, and this has been the problem for thousands of years. The “us vs them” mentality. That causes friction.

Let them come to you when they are ready (they will search you out because they’ll FEEL that light emanating from you), yet ONLY give them what they want. Remember to spoon feed them, they are still semi asleep. Their minds can crash like a computer does, if you overload it with too much information.

We are doing much better than expected here, and why the eyes of the universe are on this little Planet now. They never thought we could pull it off. Yet a human doesn’t believe in the word “can’t”. That was only a dark implant on us. Deep down we know that ANYTHING is possible.

Just learn to BE

Out of all my teachings over the years, this was the most difficult to adhere to. I was told constantly “just be”.

If I was tired and my body needed to shut down, I was told just listen to it and stop. Forget what you have done in the past. The past is that…the past.

I would sit there, and just stare out the window and be, yet I was asked constantly “what was wrong” when seen by a “normie” (one still asleep).

Something had to be wrong in their eyes, because it was not normal to just sit there. Yet I forced myself to do just that and overcome the ridicule, and this is how I learned to just BE and FEEL.

BTW, I received the title (like most info) in the middle of the night. It was a 5th dimensional transmission.

I read this article the other day:

Notice what she says in the very beginning, about the neurons in our brains being fired up. This is all the buzzing/ringing we are hearing. We are receiving downloads (packets) of information to fire those neurons up.

This is the reason why I added to my checklist, and sent out an update about it recently.

It is super important to allow for that quiet time now, and to just be…this includes absolutely NO distractions. Meditation music included, as this prevents us from hearing the buzzing.

Not that we do not receive it anyway, yet this will help you to BELIEVE, and believing is seeing…not the other way around.

Meditation music as well as light language etc., are great for the experienced “meditator”. Yet for the beginner, you must start somewhere and the key is belief.

Hey what are you guy’s talking about?

Also take notice about what she says about energy transfer after the subheading “New Data Received March 29th ”.

For anyone familiar with Abraham-Hicks, these are the “blocks of thought” that have been mentioned.

Lucina and I speak like this often, as she is my Divine Twin and already in the higher realms. We have been doing this for years, and another reason why I have mentioned in the past about practicing telepathy with that side, as opposed to this one, where doubt is prevalent. On that side it is an everyday/moment occurrence, so there is only belief.

I wrote an article for back in 2017, that discusses telepathy, as I use it 24/7. Notice in that article, that on my checklist I only have 6 steps. In June of that year, Sananda the higher self of Jesus and my next mentor (because I was sufficiently ready for him) told me “Fred, you have to add a number 7 to that list”.

He went onto say that without #7 (Backing out of 3d), it was like taking a step forward and two back.

This is the link to that article, titled “How to use telepathy from a 5D perspective”.

Even Lucille (my Fairy mentor) asks often “hey what are you guys talking about”? The reason why is sometimes she only hears half sentences.

Lucina and I “speak” with block thoughts often, and we forget that another with us, cannot understand. It is like hearing only one side of a conversation. So let’s say you hear only one person speaking on a phone call.

Even telepathic communication becomes exhausting after a while…so many words. Block thought communication is SO much easier.

Just relax and BE

Remember we are not human beings, we are human doings. Just being was part of my training…it still is and it is the hardest, because we cannot sit still. We are so used to going here there…wherever.

In the higher realms, simplicity is power. Just like here, splitting an atom (which is one of the smallest particles known), is more powerful than the largest bomb. Well there it is the same.

Even telepathic speaking which is much more powerful than voice communication. Is simplified even further by…thought transfer.

It is when “blocks” of information that are sent between minds to make it easier and less complicated…therefore taking less time and energy than regular telepathy.

When I first started using telepathy as opposed to voice communication. I realized just how cumbersome and exhausting speaking is…not to mention a waste of time. Well “block” transfer refines it even further.

One last article here. It explains the importance of just letting go. It also will make all understand why Sananda insisted I add a number 7, to my checklist.

Just learn to relax and be.

Much love and light,


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