The Ego vs The Heartmind

First we need to overcome the negative perceptions out there. The ego mind is what has protected us here in the 3rd dimension all these years (eons). Living only from the heartmind, would never have allowed us to survive here though. We needed a “fight or flight” mentality, which only the ego mind could provide. This is what has allowed our survival here in the 3rd dimension.

Being egotistical is a different story. If that is the case, then you are consciously taking advantage of someone, as you think “you are it”! That is not what we are discussing here. Just the thinking brain/your ego-mind.

Yet that was the reptilian brain.

Now we need a more loving one, the heartmind. With the heartmind, which is caring, you learn to FEEL and become compassionate. How the other person feels, is important to you. This is the service to others, where the ego mind is service to self (and “what can I get out of this?”).

I’ll give you an example:

When Lucina (my divine Twin from the higher realms) and I were reunited back in 2014…she “died” in the physical in 1981, she had me look into a website. The reason being, I had asked her “what can I do to enhance our relationship and make our connection better”?

She said, well I work on the Ley Lines (they are energetic corridors across the Globe), and just like an acupuncturist puts in needles to allow the energy to flow better…she was doing it on a Planetary scale, clearing them.

A clean set of Ley Lines, allows the energy to flow, and in-turn activates the light grid system that surrounds our Planet. Allowing the super high energies to flow unimpeded. This is something the dark ones shut down thousands of years ago.

Anyway, just like Lucina and I are able to communicate thru the dimensions, there was a couple in the same situation. A husband had “died” about 8 years previous, yet was able to reconnect with his wife on the surface and relay information to her.

Well after listening for only two times to all he was saying, I realized something was really wrong. The information was all negative and nothing like what I had been hearing or told.

Well it turns out I was right, and this person was spewing out all this disinformation from the 4th dimension (the astral realm), yet no one over there ever picked it up.

Plus of course here on the surface, they were clueless. They just were taking him at his WORD. Therein lies the problem, had they on the surface here been using their heartmind, they would have just FELT something was off.

See the higher realms operate from the heartmind only, and have no concept of what it is like to go up against the dark. So they, for 8 years were being “hoodwinked” and lied to.

They have advanced so far into pure love that deception is beyond their reach. See the movie “Interstellar” released in 2014, it explains this concept well.

Towards the end of the movie, it is explained that they can find infinite moments in time, yet are limited and cannot pinpoint one specifically. So a 3d person and one in the higher realms (the father and daughter) needed to connect across the dimensions…thru LOVE to accomplish this.

False Matrix being created?

This is why now at this time you must learn to open the heartmind, and feel the importance of it. The reason being as the vibration rises on this Planet, you begin to naturally start coming from a point of service to others and PURE love, whereas our old ways of service to self, is just that…old, and past.

That will be left in the dustbin of history. They say the dark ages were only a couple of hundreds of years, and long ago. NO, the history of 3D Earth will be known as the dark ages…in its entirety!

Other Planets throughout the cosmos, call Earth barbaric.

Want to ascend to the true higher realms, or be deceived and “think” you have ascended?

It is very easy for a 4D being to become egotistical, because we here in the 3D realm will see them as incredible, like magicians and worship them….stroking their ego. So deceiving us will be fun to them…look at this article with information directly from the other side.

A false matrix is being created to deceive us.

Still controlled by the dark ones who lead/dictate our lives now.

When I first wrote this article about 2 years ago the dark matrix was only a possibility, yet I just found out in a separate channeling thru someone else, it has become a reality.

The light are destroying it as I write this, and the dark are feverously rebuilding it, as they want to desperately hold onto humanity.

This is why I have said many times over the years, “do not mess around in the 4d/astral realm”. The dark and light co-exist there and it is easy to be “taken” in by their ability to do miraculous things.

We were told many times over the years, that what are “miracles” to us, is their science. So what may seem like a WOW to us, is an everyday occurrence for them.

If you activate your heartmind though, you learn to FEEL your way thru life. This is the ONLY way to enter the true higher realms, which start at 5D. Plus you can never lie to the heartmind, where the ego is easily deceived as it relies on vision and hearing only.

They only operate with their ego minds in the 4th , because they think the brain is good enough. To truly ascend though, ALL lower frequencies must be purged in order to ascend, including the ego mind.

Put the ego in the backseat

The time of the ego being front and center is now over. The heartmind must take the front seat. This is the divine feminine (the right and creative side of the brain). For centuries the masculine was in control (the left/logical side), and that was the ego.

Like I said, that was all well and good in the 3rd dimension where it can get nasty, yet we are now transcending that and moving to the higher realms.

What is needed besides all of the stuff I mention on my checklist in the challenge, is to clean out our bodies. We have a ton of debris within that is there from all our travels on Earth…not just this current incarnation.

On my original site The Twin Flame Project in the detox section I explain how to do this in detail. This is how I accomplished what I have and communicate so easily with that side. This is everything I was taught to do (from her and others there), in order to make our communication better, and I can share these insights with you.

Please note: For those of you who can FEEL energies, you will sense a major phenomenon here. The “Project” site was created and launched in 2015, whereas this site (Life in 5D) debuted in 2018.

You can feel the lightness in its presentation as opposed to the heavier frequencies of the “Project” site. This is a result of all my training from that side over the years.

Just thought I would mention that.

It really is a shame

Many channels are gone now, or have been so taken in by the dark (unknowingly) that their messages are of a dark nature. Always pointing out what is wrong, and what needs to be changed.

Messages from the light, will focus on that only… the light. The great things waiting for us, and just how beautiful our future is. Forget the past, we can look at that later (if we even want to then) after we ascend.

Channels who have worked for decades on this…really good people, have been fooled. It is sad and a real shame. Yet like I said, they (in the supposed higher realms) will appear to have magic powers, and our ego will just eat it up and fuel the situation even more.

Yet the truth is it is happening all over again. There is only one solution…

Open the Heartmind!

I have much to share (which I will in the future), yet we need to learn things in stages as to not be overwhelmed, although this IS the most important concept to attain ascension. We all want to rid ourselves of this mess we have been in. I put it that way, because the higher realms are about pure perfection. So regardless of how great your life is, it can and will be better.

Learn to live from your HEART, and love life!

Much love and light,