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Tools for Ascension

We help people like you learn how to raise their vibration.

To do this, we’ve carefully chosen very specific services and tools you may need or want to use to help you along your journey. We’ve extensively tested ourselves in real-life and with other participants of our programs.

Here are our whole-hearted recommendations for you…

Simple 7-step checklist for raising your vibration.

Life In 5D Checklist

This checklist gives you the exact system that has been working extremely well to raise our vibrations and walks through how to apply it in your life, step by step.

These helpful steps were given to Fred from the otherside (beyond the veil).

Master the basics of living a 5D life in a 3D world.

Life In 5D Innerversity

This helps you remove hidden 3D and 4D obstacles that block your path, so you can fully make the leap into 5D and experience even more freedom in your life.

Quantum Resonance Technology for the Digital Age.

Subtle Energy Sciences

Subtle Energy Sciences offers vibrational energy solutions in digital format. Transform your electronic devices into powerful personal energy tools today!

Leading device for whole house EMF protection.

The Lumerian Plug

The Lemurian Plug is a leading device for whole house EMF protection, electromagnetic healing, and a positive home energy environment.