The Importance of Energy Products

A few weeks back I sent to all an example of an energy product, and it was a taste of our future. It was called Release the Past. If you have already downloaded “Release the Past, you can checkout other Subtle Energy Products and information here.

Well I had to send all an update, as this seriously pertains to our transformation from the heavy carbon based DNA we have now, to our new Crystalline based one, where we are being made ready to accept light and energy.

The heavy carbon based bodies we have had were needed here in the 3rd dimension. We had to have thick and protective barriers to withstand all the dark energy we were (notice that is past tense) bombarded with daily.

Now that we are transitioning to a lighter and more harmonious way of life, these bodies are no longer needed. As a matter of fact, without “jettisoning” them and doing a full purge of all the dark energies we have collected over the eons here on Earth, we cannot ascend to the true higher realms…that start at the 5th dimension.

Anyway back to the energy products.

With the energies pouring into this planet now and propelling us into the 5th dimension, it is only sensible that energy products as opposed to the heavy 3D ones (based on a substance) that we are so accustomed to, are much better for us…producing incredible and miraculous results.

Just like moving away from all the harmful stuff we have been exposed to, like GMO’S, EMF’S (Electro Magnetic Frequencies, that all our devices give off…like the cellphone, computer, TV and more) etc, to things of an organic nature, we again need to move on. Time is speeding up, and soon there will be no “time” as we know it.

We are light beings after all…the real YOU is pure energy. So it makes total sense that as we become those light/energy beings more and more daily, that these products will speak to our soul. As the 3D ones become less effective.

I have heard of all the great things that are happening to people, yet I myself have been experiencing them also.

Here are just two examples:

The headache relief Mandala; for a very long time now, I wake in the middle of the night with a massive headache. This is an ascension symptom that I have known about for a while, as we enter the higher realms thru our light bodies every night.

Our heavy energies are just not compatible or congruent with the lighter ones, and this causes a conflict, and we experience pain in our 3rd eye as a result.

This was something that was unavoidable…until now. I just simply roll over in my bed, and grab a picture of the Headache Relief Mandala on my night table, and wrap it around my forehead. I hold it in place with my hands and just lay there. In about a minute or less, it is gone! Sometimes I just fall back to sleep, yet the point is, IT addresses the issue directly by speaking to the real YOU, clearing it up.

Now everyone is different and the times may vary, even the methods. It also depends on the vibrations of an individual and their believability. That is an important one (the believability) and why I was told long ago by a higher being, to let go of most of your beliefs, they were all lies anyway. Lack of belief causes doubt, which will keep you firmly planted in the lower dimensions, and doubt makes you go without!

To activate the Law of Attraction properly, you must FEEL it, and believe it will happen. Remember also that the LOA is a Universal Law, and available to us all.

Yet follow the advice of the expert, and click here. In these video tutorials, the person who has developed this incredible technology and brought it to us, Eric W. Thompson, explains how to address those vibrations, because for some an “Amping” up of the energies may be needed.

The second is Elite Shungite; I cannot say enough about this Mandala. Shungite is known as the most powerful crystal, and can be found in only one place on Earth…in Russia. I have done several things. I have printed out small ones and put them in a plastic bag. I wrapped the bag around my shower head and tied it in place with a rubber band. I have had the capability of being able to FEEL energies for a long time now, and I immediately felt the charge of pure water running over my body. It works even better than a water filter may, and think of the cost savings!

Another was this; I tested my tap water. Now I haven’t drank my tap water for many years (bottled water is worse, as plastic is toxic), and fill up at a special place near me that distributes alkaline water. Yet they have ways of testing your tap water, so I asked them to do me a favor, and test mine as I was “experimenting”.

I filled a cup with tap water, and they tested it and it turned bright yellow. They told me that this signified a high chlorine content.

Well I just put the cup on a picture and left it there…to see what would happen. Overnight the water became crystal clear! The chlorine was gone, and who knows what other impurities were neutralized also.

See the energy signature in the Elite Shungite, transformed the water on a molecular level back to its pure state. Imagine the savings on water filters. No replacing them ever! Just print out some more copies…they never go away, and are always available.

I needed to add this as, another thing just happened last night after I had already written this. After wrapping the Headache Relief Mandala around my head (which I do often now), Lucina my Divine Twin in the higher realms and also my mentor/teacher, said to me “now do it with the Shungite”. I leave a Mandala on my nightstand as well, because its positive energy, just flows throughout the space it is in.

So I wrapped the Shungite Mandala around my forehead, and as soon as I did, I felt the neurons in my brain re-wiring, and had flashes of brilliant white light! I have seen that brilliant white light many times over the years…it is their side bleeding thru. We are literally being changed at a molecular level, from carbon based to Crystalline. It was amazing to see and feel it!

Update: I do this nightly now, and in my morning mediation. My head buzz’s intensely each time (this is us matching their frequency) and then the downloads start to come in…amazing! I just hold it on my forehead for several minutes, and presto! The new pathways in my brain that are being opened up, are INCREDIBLE! 

The applications are endless.

Again see the expert’s instructions here.

This is the way of the future (really our present)…we just need to transition to them. Leave the so-called comfort of our OLD technology behind.

My experience has been so astounding, and because of all this positive energy floating around my house, I cannot stop coming up with idea’s to share with all of you. Where I may write an article every month or two, this week I came up with 4 ideas already. Two of which I have written in the last few days. The clearing is amazing! As the dense energies leave, they allow the lighter ones and my innate abilities explode! It is well known that when something is removed a vacuum is formed and that empty space must be filled. This allows the positive ones to enter…and quickly!

Not that I use it, yet they have the energy signature of the CBD Oil (amongst many others) also. Imagine the savings there! No monthly cost, just purchase it once and you are done!

Remember though, like with anything in the higher dimensions…belief is the key. You have to believe and come to know it in your soul (the real YOU), that it will work. We were taught (and purposely) “seeing is believing”, NO, it is the other way around…”believing is seeing”. No doubt, will bring it about! The real world IS inside of you and not what we see on the outside.

I can go on and on, yet see and feel for yourself.

Imagine what these can do for you!

I just had to share.

Much love and light to all,


PS: Subtle Energy is adding new products weekly. They even have a program that goes with the article I wrote the other day about opening the Heartmind. For more information… click here.