How to Say No and Back Out of 3D

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From the 5D Perspective of Fred Greaves

It is time to “unlearn what you have learned” as Yoda from Star Wars said. Many movies have little “clues” in them, and I will point them out in a later lesson. Yet the next few will concentrate on raising your vibration. The reason being, this is the ticket to seeing and interacting with the higher realms.

This will also unleash abilities we all have, such as this one; I’m able to send energy. It is infused in this entire lesson, you may feel it consciously or subconsciously, yet it is there, and the more you raise those vibrations, the sooner you will learn to “feel” as opposed to seeing.

Much has been kept hidden from us, and the way out of 3d, and back home to 5d and higher, is by raising your vibrations. It is simple… very simple as you will see.

The New Earth is here

In a previous article “The Time Has Arrived” that I wrote for in5d, I mention the importance of raising your vibration. At the end of this article I will again give to you the small checklist that is paramount to seeing and interacting with the other side.

As explained in the previous article, the timelines are splitting now. A decision needs to be made, and that is if you are willing to raise your vibration high enough to ascend to the New Earth and the 5th dimensions, or will you refuse and stay in the 3rd dimension. That decision is on a subconscious level, so even if it is your intention to ascend, you may not be doing what is necessary to do so.

All will ascend eventually, yet we are each on our own paths. So even though many already have and more will soon, it isn’t guaranteed at this moment. Your participation is important. If you are not ready, you will stay behind a little longer. This is not a punishment at all, it is that your Soul requires a little more growth/experience.

Time to clean up

Imagine yourself, just emerging from a jungle covered in sweat and mud. Compared to a pristine life in 5d and above, this is not a stretch. We need to shower and clean up, before the big party (ascending).

If you want to go, this time around, you must clean your body out. We cannot take the dense energies we have picked up here in all our lives on Earth with us. They helped us survive in the lower dimension, yet where we are going they are not only no longer needed, and must be removed in order to ascend to the higher realms.

To rise up is as easy as stepping out of our comfort zones and changing just a few things in our lives. Remember this quote “If you want things in your life to change, then you are going to have to change things in your life”.

Repetition is the mother of skill

You may have heard that quote before, and this series of lessons breaks down my checklist a step at a time, yet if you hear something over and over again, then you are more likely to do it. Hence “Repetition is the Mother of Skill”.

We were purposely taught, that success in anything in life takes hard work and a lot of steps. That was a lie, and could not be further from the truth. We are absolutely perfect beings, and can have whatever we want. The power is inside all of us.

The roadmap

I have been taught and mentored in the 5th dimensional ways for close to 3 years now, and consider myself a 5d being operating in a 3d world. I have found the steps to ascend are minimal at best, as the more simplistic it is the more effective they are.

I have been given a roadmap by my Twin Flame to get closer to her and her world. I have found the steps to be so easy to follow that I created a small daily checklist for all.

Instagram 7 ways you can raise your vibration
Review the Checklist for Raising Your Vibration

So I’ve released it in full here

Yet I will break it down step by step and explain each one in a separate lesson. This will allow all to absorb it, and see the changes and additions to one’s life is slight at best. Also remember to notice the little changes as they occur. This raises your vibrations too.

Let’s take it one step at a time

Now after this first initial step, I will do them in the order they appear. Yet I was told to add this to my original list of six by Sananda himself, as without #7, the others do not matter, I was told.

By doing them without the following he said, it is like taking a step forward and two back. You will get nowhere fast, much effort yet no results. It was then I realized, that I never included this step before, because I have been doing it for a long time anyway. Yet he pointed out how critical it is.

Back out of 3D

Now out of all my suggestions on the list, people have the most difficult time with this one. Yet it doesn’t need be, because slowly removing yourself from all the trappings of the 3d illusion becomes a pleasure. One you’ll see and feel, because when you begin to FEEL again, it is then your eyes will truly begin to see.

Turn off the TV, learn to enjoy the silence. If you must watch, then start with anything funny, or nature shows. Yet in time, stop watching altogether. Why do you think they call it PROGRAMMING!

Do not and I repeat do not listen to the radio. The commercials are like brainwashing. Get used to listening to instrumental music, as words have power. Even songs that may sound great, pull on your heartstrings. Anything that may affect your heartbeat, is off limits.

Ground yourself

Learn to just be. Go for a walk. In nature is the best. If you can ground even better. I walk for many hours during the day all the time, and people ask me how I do it.

I may go for six hours at a time, and this is how. About 3 hours into the walk, I find a park with a bench that has dirt underneath it, and sit down. I take of my shoes and socks, and just put my bare feet on the ground and sit there for 20 minutes.

It is like plugging into a socket. I recharge myself, as there is powerful energy that comes from Earth/Gaia that re-energizes me. Then I’m ready for another 3 hours!

Go walk in a field barefooted. I do it for an hour at a time, and it feels as if I am getting a hug by Mother Earth. You’ll be astounded. An extra added benefit is, you will develop perfect health. I haven’t been sick in years.

Remember this is free also, and available to all. Right under our feet…literally.

Say NO

This part may be a bit difficult at first, yet do it slowly. Just say no thank you to certain events or functions when you can. Do you need to go to every barbeque, birthday, gathering, ball game, etc?

Just being around other people, you pick up their feelings. As you raise your vibrations you will feel this. Learn to be alone. Go for a walk, sit and just be, or walk hand in hand with your significant other. We were told we are human beings, and that is just not so. We are human doings, always running here, there, and everywhere, doing this and that. Never stopping to just BREATHE and “smell the roses” as they say.

Now, I understand we are all at different stages in our lives, and a 30 year old with kids, cannot say no to some of their activities, where a 60 year old can find the time easily. Yet in between the children’s activities that parent can find time by themselves to relax.

Try this one; While watching their soccer game (whatever), sit there with your shoes and socks off. Not only will you get the benefits of grounding, some may ask, and then you are giving them the “gift”. You’ll see this also de-stresses someone, and is perfect for the parent on the “go”.

Even while on the way to one of those activities. Put on some instrumental music. You may be surprised at how your kids react. Remember they are more important to this world then you think. See the “Volunteer” video here.

This is good, and I’ll “dissect” another step next lesson.

If you want access the entire checklist go here

Much love and light,

Fred and Lucina

About the author:

About the author:

An Indigo child born in 1962, it was my mission to connect the two worlds (3D and 5D). I always felt “out of place” here, as if something was off and never conformed to it.

Refusing to work for anyone other than myself, I started a company at the age of 22 in my parents garage. My office was my childhood bedroom. In just 8 years and well before the internet was invented and without any form of advertising, it had customers worldwide. Then the same people that I recognized when I was younger, the ones that made this world seem “off”, approached me at 37 years old and proceeded to rip the company and success I had built, from me. By 42, just 20 years after I began my company, it was all gone and I went from being very wealthy to penniless.

This was all part of the plan as I would find out later, because you cannot build a new structure until the old is burned down to the ground. So I spent the next decade awakening my spiritual abilities and remembering how the universe works.

It was at the end of that 10 years, that my Divine Twin who I knew as Sheryl (whom had “passed” in 1981) began to awaken me from the other side of the veil. It was then that we proceeded to construct a bridge which connects the 3rd and 5th dimensions – a bridge that many cross daily now and one that could only be built with the most powerful force in the Universe…love.

At 55, I enjoy a life of wonder and amazement every day. I now experience daily, things that were once thought to be impossible.

I've built this website to share the resources and insights that I've received from the other side as well as to help fellow lightworkers navigate through the new 5D world.