How to Release the Past

We are all energy and not the flesh and blood we see in the mirror. It has been proven that at the time of death, about 23 grams, leaves the body.

This is the pure energy we really are…the real YOU.

Bodies have been weighed right before and then right after a person “passes”, and it was found on average that they were 23 grams lighter.

This is a concept that many cannot grasp, as they believe what they see in the mirror IS them.

That is not the truth at all, and as you begin to raise your vibration you’ll come to understand that.

So it makes total sense that energy or sound waves, are much more affective than a pill or potion.

As they are dense 3d technology/methods, where at our core we as just pure energy.

You’ll find many products or even procedures that you are doing now that can be eliminated, yet the benefits can still be had thru sound and energy.

Less costly also…much less.

This stuff is our future.

Really our past, because as most have known…

The past civilizations were more advanced than we are.

This is the reason why, they understood spirituality/energy and its connection.

My personal experience

I want all to have this, and experience what I have.

As most know, I have been in intense pain because of the recent passing of my Mom.

So this was sent to me by a friend to help me move on, as I was stuck.

Where normally I can write an article in no time and within about an hour, this time I had the title only on my computer (for the very last one I had just sent), for over a week.

It was if I had writers block and felt like I wanted to do nothing except sit and stare at the walls.

My passion for life was just gone.

Even though I can speak to her (my Mom), the talks lasted only 5 minutes before I’d breakdown.

The reason why is I still miss her in the physical…greatly.

My Mom became a big part of my life these last 6 years.

Then a friend steps in and sends me this Gift

My friend sent me something called Release The Past.

He said it was an energetically encoded image.

Well, I started using the picture he sent to me, and overnight everything released.

The following morning I “zipped” thru my article, and the ideas of spreading light have been flooding into my head, nonstop since then.

Now I can go on and on when my mother and I speak, I even have to end the conversation because I have something to do, and need to go.

This is how it pertains to you and your life

I realized immediately what had happened, as when you raise your vibration you just get a KNOWING. I did confirm it with Lucina though (my Divine Twin, in the higher realms), and she said that indeed is what it did.

It seems as if upon opening this on your computer, it gives our permission to the people upstairs and specifically our higher self to intervene on our behalf.

See this is a free-will planet and we must ask for help.

When we whine or pray for a situation to be changed, our focus is on what we do not want, so we get more of it, and it never will.

This allows them to step in.

So each and every one of us that have karma, not only from this life yet past ones too, can release it and quickly.

We are all different, so the length of time will not be the same for one as it is for another.

Yet it works.

No effort on your part, our spiritual family steps in to help.

Get creative with how you use it

Print one out…put it in your wallet, on the wall in your office, etc.

You don’t even have to look at it, yet the relief will come.

Just by leaving it open on your computer, this allows the energy to flow within that space.

I plan on having this technology on the site soon, as it is all about energy and we ARE after-all pure energy, yet you can get this first one here, now.

Testimonial from a friend

I sent this to a friend, who has had immense pain and suffering in this life as well as past ones.

This is what she had to say.

"Almost immediately upon seeing this picture, I felt energy moving thru my body, especially my jaws, head and stomach. I had been feeling stuck for some time and all of a sudden I felt like possibilities were opening up and I felt more calm and peaceful. I started smiling and had just a general feeling of happiness. This all happened in a span of a few hours. The best part is that it continues to release the past even if it was only 5 minutes ago."
Dallas, Texas, USA

Yet explore all the other forms of energy and sound waves.

If you are like many you will FEEL the power just in the sounds…remember we are PURE energy at our core. So these sounds and vibrations speak to us…the real YOU.

There are many products you may be taking now or even procedures that can be removed from your life. Imagine opening your meridian points without the needles (acupuncture)?

Or not needing to take CBD oil regularly.

You can still get the benefits of it, yet receive the energetic signature, no need to ingest a fluid.

Not to mention it can be costly.

The list goes on and on.

Have fun explore, this is why we came to Planet Earth anyway.

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This a free product for you, so you won’t have to pay anything to try it out and get the benefits.

Much love and light,


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Just ask, I’m here for you guy’s.