How to connect with your higher self

This is perhaps the easiest thing you can do spiritually. Most think this is difficult and therein lies the “rub” (the issue/problem), because all we need to do is ask. Remember our higher self is part of us, and is actually the real YOU. So they know us, even better than we do ourselves.

Also, even though they are within/part of us, they see us from the outside, so from a better point of view. This makes it much easier to handle anything, because they have a “bird’s eye” view of things.

When trapped within a certain situation we have a tendency to react, because we are involved in the drama. Being outside (and seeing it from that vantage point), we respond…calmly/intelligently.

Think of it this way:

In the medical profession, they may give you some medicine for whatever.

They wait to see if you how you react or respond. If you have a bad reaction to it, this is like being caught up in the drama. Yet if you respond well, you are seeing it from a birds eye view.

How this pertains to the higher self is this; they have the advantage of seeing your situation from the outside …a birds eye view. So rather than reacting, they calmly respond because they see things differently, and know exactly what you need, to remedy the situation.

Make contact with them

So in your head, ask them to make contact with you, so this way they can help to facilitate your awakening further. Wait and see what comes back: you will most likely hear a voice.

This is the reason why we have been trained over and over throughout our lives (multiple lives), that if you hear voices in your head “you were crazy”.

Then we were given medicine to “quiet” them… control!

If you don’t hear a response, just keep talking…they hear you, each and every word. One day they will respond though. Yet there are several things you can do, to help make the connection easier though.

See my checklist here…to really connect to the higher realms, this is a must do.

Yet to connect within and to your higher self first, it can be as easy as just changing a few things in your life. The goal is to make things more enjoyable for you.

This is why we are here anyway…to have fun.

Planet Earth was originally meant to be a 5th dimensional playground …and one that we created.

See my interview from 2015, as this explains it well.

Take a look at this article though, as it explains the incredibly easy things you can do to help with ascension. In addition, by following these tips we will also get closer to our friends upstairs, yet more importantly we can connect with the one within us (our higher self).

See, they (your H.S) can help explain to you the “do’s and don’ts” to start vibrating faster, as this is the key to access the higher realms.

Am I talking to myself?

When you start to hear a voice in return to a question you just asked, it may seem like you are speaking to yourself (and technically you are), yet they are a much more highly evolved being (not to mention, super intelligent). Soon you’ll be getting answers to questions and begin to realize “well why would I have asked that in the first place, if I already knew the answer”?

This is when you understand and begin to realize you are speaking to another being, and one that has always has been there, looking out for you.

Yet connecting with them was very easy, and only took asking. See this is a free will planet, and no matter how much over the years they wanted to intervene, they could not…until you asked.

Certain substances are an absolute No-No

People think they need to take special mushrooms or some other thing that puts them in a psychedelic like state.

Yet that only opens the bridge to the 4th dimension (the astral realm) and not the 5th , the beginning of the true higher ones and where the loving beings who live from their heartminds reside.

In the 4th, the dark coexist with the light, and caution needs to be taken while in there.

You may be conned by a “trickster, who may impersonate another.

Causing much confusion.

This is why opening your heartmind, and learning how to FEEL is so important, as it will protect you from that. Eyes and ears can be deceived, yet you cannot fake a FEELING.

As a matter of fact, I remember several instances where a more enlightened being from the true higher realms told them, “no the opposite is true”.

The first was an interview I was doing on a radio show a few years back. The host had told me that his grandfather who had “passed” away many years before, had reached out to him.

The host right away asked his grandfather, if he should run out and buy some cough syrup with alcohol in it, or something else to make him high…in order to make their connection better?

His response was:

“Absolutely not, actually that will have the opposite effect and cut our communication off.”

Another incident:

Recently a member of the Life In 5D Innerversity reached out to me to ask a question.

He had been speaking to his higher self.

Like I’ve said, even if you do not get a response they CAN hear you, so keep talking.

This person likes to have a drink here and there. Yet at that moment, the higher self actually said something…he said, “Please do not drink that Vodka while we are speaking”.

I may be paraphrasing here, yet that was the basics of it.

This person also felt emotions (which are FEELINGS)…this is the beginning of the heartmind opening, something I’m sure the higher self was facilitating.

This is why I say connect with them.

Let them guide you as to what and what not to do.

Connection as well as seeing/feeling the higher realms is easy, not simple, yet easy.

I word it that way, because it takes just a few simple steps. Yet we have been trained, to act and behave in certain ways, and stepping out of our “comfort zone” is hard (so we think).

Yet that is the simple step…we need to feel okay with stepping out of the box (comfort zone), that is how it all falls into place….easy (real easy!).

While writing this I just remembered something else I had forgotten, because it was so long ago.

The channel who put Lucina and I together again back in 2014, said this to me. Her Divine Twin (the one in the higher realms), said “he really disliked coffee, and wish she wouldn’t drink it”.

Both coffee and alcohol are no-no’s.

I’m not saying you can never have them again.

Yet if you want to speak to anyone other than your higher self, you will not be able to.

At least until your body fully assimilates it.

This also depends on where your vibration is at.

Yet in the beginning, they both need to be absolutely cut out.

When drinking coffee or alcohol, the connection with your higher self will be less effective also, yet not severed…as they are part of you. Yet anyone else you may have contact with, will be cut off.

So if you are speaking to a friend or relative who has “passed” even a Master, etc. they will be gone.

For a certain amount of time, and that time depends on your vibration at that point.

If this doesn’t happen (the severing) you probably have a trickster and you need to learn how to FEEL by opening the heartmind.

Again see my checklist, because like I said “you cannot fake a feeling”.

Remember though, the higher self is different and “can withstand” the no-no’s…alcohol and coffee.

Yet they should be limited, regardless.

Please let me know what is needed to ascend

Who better to mentor and teach you what you need to know to get closer to them, then your higher self?

Our worlds (3d vs 5d) are not even remotely close.

To think they are will keep you trapped here or in the astral realm.

See the movie “Interstellar” from late 2014.

It explains how vastly different these two worlds are.

They will suggest and NEVER tell you what to do.

BTW, that is another clue that you are dealing with a dark entity. Notice in the movie, how they offer a solution for them (a wormhole/portal), yet we must decide for ourselves as to what to do.

Watch this movie, over and over as with each viewing, you’ll pick up even more info.

She (Lucina)…remember where she is from…recommended this movie, the very night we were reunited back in 2014, because she knew with my limited understanding at the time, that our relationship would be strengthened and therefore our connection too.

She was right, because the very next day it was.

Since then it has increased 100 fold, as I have seen that movie over a dozen times.

So they know you, and they can suggest what is best for you the individual.

As what is great for one, may be detrimental for another.

Besides, look where it is coming from. Wouldn’t you much rather listen to someone with a “bird’s eye view”, rather than a person caught up in the drama of it all?

Don’t let anyone fool you.

If you are still here on Planet Earth, you are caught up in the drama!

The extent of it, is entirely individual, yet we are far from perfect, and they definitely are.

The chain of command…yet for knowledge, not power.

Just like in the army there is a hierarchy, it is the same with H.S’s.

They combine with each other as you are taught, and they gain more knowledge from their predecessor as they join together.

Like a private up to a general.

Yet combining…Private + Captain + Lieutenant etc., eventually equals General.

Let me explain:

When we were first reunited back in 2014, the higher self I interacted with at that time was H.S. #1.

He told me, Sheryl will teach you for a while and then I will come back, yet I’m here if you need me.

Yet by the time he came back she had already taught me so much, that #1 was no longer needed.

This is where #2 stepped into the picture.

The first thing that you must understand, is that Sheryl was the girl (the vehicle) that I knew in life.

She was my girlfriend who “passed” away in 1981.

Lucina is her higher self (the PURE love energy), whom she didn’t ascend into, until about 8 months after we were reunited.

I begin to discuss Sheryl and our relationship about half way thru the interview from 2015.

Lucina is the same girl with the same memories, yet she now comes from pure love.

Many are under the assumption that after we “pass”, we automatically ascend into our higher self.

That simply is not true. Yes they do enter a light body that vibrates at the 5th dimensional level, yet they may have died with Karma intact, and that needs to be cleared.

You cannot enter the higher dimensions with any dense energy.

Well it was no different with Sheryl, and we did have our “complications” in the beginning as she had not fully ascended yet.

This I didn’t understand at the time, yet over the course of those first 8 months, and as I/we were working on me and my vibration, hers was going up as well…clearing the Karma.

See Twins are each one half of a whole. So what is done to one, effects the other.

So as I worked on myself…and unbeknownst to me, it was also clearing her.

Then in July of 2015, she ascended into Lucina.

Back to the chain of command:

He (#1) knew we had such a close relationship when we were younger, that she would be the PERFECT choice to teach me, and he was absolutely right.

Never once did I ever question her and her “suggestions”, making my vibration soar and fast…this is why learning to FEEL by opening your heartmind is critical.

We did ask him things from time to time as she was training me, and he did help us immensely, because there were several instances when we became stuck as to what to do.

Yet by at the end of that first year I had learned so much #1 was no longer sufficient as I needed more knowledge, so #2 stepped forward.

So #1 combines with #2, because #1 is no longer needed…his job is done.

Remember he is YOUR higher self, so he is no longer relevant.

This continues on up (the chain) as you learn and accumulate more knowledge and wisdom.

Right now I’m on #5.

Yet I remember one time #9 came to me in the middle of the night from the non-physical universe.

At that point I was only being trained by #3, although he wanted to tell me something for my growth and to help shine more light on the people.

Yet unlike with other teachings that need to be written down immediately…because a 5d thought cannot stay in a 3d mind for long (this is why messages are totally gone by morning, even if you swear to yourself in the middle of the night “I’ll remember”), the message stayed with me…sort of.

I.B. #3 (I call him I.B., BTW…which is short for inner being), reminded me in the middle of the day that I got a message the previous night from #9, and he repeated it.

He also said, I should feel honored, as they never travel to the lower and physical dimensions.

Yet this was important information. And a suggestion.

So he made sure I.B. would remind me, because he knew I would act on it.

What is my H.S/Soul name?

This is something that will just come to you one day.

It will just FEEL right.

Then they will confirm it for you.

Mine is Samuel, and when I figured it out, I was still speaking to I.B. #3, yet he (Samuel) would come in also to teach me. After we switched to #4, Samuel and he combined and it was at that point we all decided for me to just call him I.B., as I am most comfortable with that…plus it is less confusing.

Now I’m on I.B #5, yet I just call him I.B.

Just ask

So just ask for a little guidance.

They have always been there for us.

They want you to succeed and then in time as your vibration rises, eventually you’ll combine with them. The end goal. As all this happens, your inner knowing comes online, then your memories will start to return, and you will all realize that this 3d experiment is coming to an end.

The playground is being turned back into the paradise it was meant to be!!!

Remember this is a free will Planet…and we MUST ask!

Trust in them, they know best!

Much love and light,



With respect to “Release the Past”, that I sent recently.

Many are having incredible and even miraculous results.

I do need to note this though, this way we make sure you put it to good use:

Depending on the individual, one may not be enough and you may need to print more.

Many people have put them under their pillow, bed, etc. Some even make place mats and eat on them! I have one in my wallet, and I’m about to amp it up and add another.

Please follow the instructions that are on the site, as they explain how to amplify.

Remember we are one/connected, yet all individuals.

Some have more Karma than others, therefore need more clearing (stronger energy/amplification).

In addition, explore the rest of the site, as these energy products speak directly to the real you.

As this 3d stuff loses its effectiveness (and it has begun to), these kinds of technologies become more and more powerful. Especially because of the energies that are flooding this planet now.

So these products are more congruent with those, and vibrate the same.

In addition the site is to become more user friendly, as many more realize energy is “where it is at”!

So look for it to become easier to navigate in the near future.