Happy Solstice

There is so much happening during the next few months that I felt compelled to reach out to all. I am revamping the entire website, and it will include so much more…so you will hear from me soon. Yet while I am working on that in the background, I wanted to stop and write this.

There are powerful energies streaming into this planet at this time. All to help transition our bodies from carbon based (to handle the heavy 3d energies)…to a crystalline based one to accommodate the higher ones. We are light beings after all…so now is the time to take full advantage of them.

They say it is to prepare our bodies for all the societal changes that are to happen next year in 2020.

The full moon was on Monday the 17th and this coming Friday the 21st, is the summer solstice. Then next month on July 2nd we have a total solar eclipse, and on the 26th of the same month, the new Galactic year begins.

The Galactic year is a major energetic gateway, as a year in Galactic terms is 250 million years long. This makes the Earth only 18 Galactic years old, even though in our linear timeline, it is 4.5 billion years in age.

We are literally entering into a new age – The Golden Age!

Between that date (July 26th) and around the 12th of August (with the 8th being the most powerful), we have the annual Lions Gate.

The Lions Gate is an energetic portal and one of the strongest, to access the higher energies.

There are so many more extremely important dates, yet I cannot list them all here.

The following is the point of this brief article

Use these energies…take advantage of their Divinity

Yet I do want to offer a few things you can do to take advantage of these energies.

Go outside and ground…day or night, it doesn’t matter. Walk around barefoot on the grass, dirt etc. Just NOT concrete or asphalt. Even sit on a bench with your feet on the ground.

The longer the better, yet 20 minutes will “recharge” you”. Just like plugging in your cellphone, when the battery is low. The negative ions (the energy from Gaia/Earth) that comes thru your feet and floods your body with super high energy, has even been known to heal people. See this video on grounding/Earthing.

The energies you receive from Gaia/Earth will help with any ascension symptoms you may be experiencing. Plus they have a calming effect. So after a long day/night of work it may not be a bad idea.

Now is not the time to run to the Doctors for a 3d answer, as this will only make matters worse. Know that there is an incredible light at the end of the tunnel. One that has all the freedom and joy we have ever dreamed about.

Life is about to become magical. All we have ever wanted or wished for will be ours…the long road is almost over.

The key is NOT to put a time stamp on it. If anyone ever offers you a date, please take it with a “grain of salt”.

There is no time in the higher realms. That is a 3d illusion, and what makes it even exist in the first place. Trust in the Divine… “believing leads to seeing”. Remember that! 

Get Sun…absorb it into your being

Try and meditate outside in the Sun. Look at it (if possible). One hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, is best. The Sun is closest to the planet during those times.

The Sun enters thru the pupils and feeds the pineal gland, which inturn opens our 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is your ticket to seeing the higher realms.

You’ll develop the ability to see what others cannot.

Also a bonus, and many do not know this. Hold your hands up, palms facing the sun. We all have crystals embedded in our hands that we are born with.

They are healing crystals and how Jesus performed his miracles.

They most likely will vibrate as the energy enters your body. Yet it may take a few times to activate them. Be patient, yet know the awesome energy is still entering your body and having a positive effect.

There are Lemurs in Asia somewhere that hang out on the roof all day and face the sun holding their paws up.

Just take in the Sun whenever and wherever you can. Close your eyes and look up, and FEEL the energy!

Limit the use of the visor in your car. Let the warmth and energy penetrate into your chest…you’ll feel it!

I was told once a few years back by a being from the otherside. He said, “Want to know how the higher realms work? Observe nature”.

What is that?

I will end this here, as I want to make this short. Yet that is what the higher realms are all about…simplicity. We are perfect beings, and that is the hardest thing for us to accept. We have been told all our lives that we are nothing and “ONLY” one person. No pain-no gain, right? WRONG!

That cannot be further from the truth. We are absolutely perfect and pure light. What we want we get…always.

Before I sign off, there are two things I want you to see. The 1st is a pic I took when I arrived at my new location in the mountains of Virginia.

Look what I captured in a photo I was taken of the sun! 

When I took a closer look at the picture, and said “what is that”.

Zoom in on the tree to the left. Those glowing objects are fairies! Just a little F.Y.I (for your information) for you, since this property has been prepared by the ET’s to be 5th dimensional, they and other new species are out constantly. Day and night! In a future article I’ll show more and explain how this relates to you and your ascension. 

Two things about that photo though, besides the fairies. The purple around the Sun is St. Germaine’s energy that floods the planet constantly. The other, is the body you see under our Sun. 

That is our 2nd Sun, Sirius. It was pointed it out to me way back in 2015. If you take a pic with your cellphone, you will see it. We cannot pick it up with our naked eye. Most do not know this, but our entire Solar System is being pulled back to the center of the galaxy, where all 5th dimensional planets reside. 

We were in “quarantine” and tossed to the edge eons ago, yet we are going back home now.

The 2nd are pics from the person whom has graciously let me stay with her until I find a permanent home.

This is actually going to be part of the “new” and improved website. I plan on having other people contribute their own writings, even services. Yet the services must be approved by me first, as I only want “tools” for your advancement on this site, and not just 3d “stuff”.

About a month before I moved down here (Virginia), she was guided from above to draw a picture. Then several months later…a few days ago, the same pic showed up in a crop circle in France!

They are not exactly the same. Yet the one she was told to draw was geared towards her only. Where the crop circle was for the collective…so the slight difference is understandable.

Yet I’ll let her tell you in her own words, in a future article. I wanted to show you the pics though.

Much love and light,