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Discover the rewards of the Light Body, the process to activate it and how it works, so you can access even deeper levels of health, wealth, and peace.

There’s now a very affordable Life In 5D Innerversity  that as it is geared towards developing the INNER you…the real YOU and that will show you how, and empower you to:

✅ Use your thoughts more deliberately, so you can be, do and have all that you desire in your life.

✅ Eliminate certain every day things that are holding you back, so you can freely live in 5D.

✅ Easily step out of your comfort zone, so you can finally ascend and experience even more of what the higher realms of this universe have to offer you.

✅ Embrace the NEW way of living life as the sovereign infinite being you are.

✅ Further navigate the matrix and the transformation of Mother Earth and Humanity with a community of like-minded soulmates, so you are never walking through this reality alone.

Read the full description and enroll today.

What I have for you

I want to tell you about an exciting new way to transform your lifestyle in ways no other teaching, system, method, or practice ever helped you do.

It’s a new experience called the Life In 5D Innerversity and if you want to remove hidden 3D and 4D obstacles that block your path, so you can fully make the leap into 5D and experience even more freedom in your life, then this is for you.

Here’s exactly what you’re getting:

Life In 5D Roadmap and Courses

$1500 value

This is a series of modulated courses.

This special content is in your members’ area, and you can absorb it whenever you want …at your own pace. (It never goes away.)

And then, every week, I answer your questions (In our private Facebook group), and further assist you in applying what you’re learning.

And every Question asked and Answer received will be made available so if you miss one, don’t worry …you can review whenever you want!

This is a tremendous value.

But we’re not even close to being done.

To make EXTRA sure this WILL WORK FOR YOU, you’re also getting…

Tales from the Otherside Book 1

$11 value

The first book Tales from the Otherside: A Story of Perseverance and Persistence was originally created by me in order to help one be successful in life. I realized it was the experiences of the previous version of myself that made me who I am today and has put me onto this wonderful journey.

Luckily I had written this book when I did, as it describes my life in detail from a youngster and right up until 2012, because those memories are now gone.

Where every story must begin somewhere, this is mine.

It explains how I was “shaped” into the being I am today.

Belief in yourself is your chief aim, and should always be.

If you can think it, you can have it.

Failure is only when you give up…nothing is impossible.

Tales from the Otherside Book 2

$33 value

In this second book Tales from the Otherside: The Twin Flame Project, I continue on the journey begun when I was younger.

This is when someone (my Divine Twin) whom had “passed” in 1981, reaches out to me from beyond the grave (veil), so we can begin our mission.

When I ended my first book in early 2012, I had mentioned how that was going to be a pivotal year, yet in my wildest dreams I never expected this.

I reunited with my one true love and I am now on a journey that each and every day is better than the last. I just love life now, and realize the promise of the future just holds wonders that are beyond our imaginations.

Live life in the present, go inside and interact with your inner being. All it takes is quiet time, get rid of the distractions of everyday life and listen, it is that easy.

This is a true story that began in 1978, and ended abruptly with death in 1981. Yet began anew in 2012 when she started to reach out to me from the other side.

It is about the reuniting of two Twin Flames across the dimensions, using the strongest force in the universe….love.

Understand that even though this is a story of two individuals, just like we are all one, this book and the journey within it pages, affects us all. Everyone can have the same experience.

I have also included in here, all the steps I was taught from her and others to allow me to see, converse and interact with them. So think of this as a roadmap, and one that couldn’t be written without the information from the Other Side.

Name of Your Divine Twin


Consciously reconnecting with your Divine Twin Flame begins with calling their name out from your heart. Telepathy is a spiritual gift that we all have and is a silent heart communication. This takes place in your heart mind.

You can talk to your twin through your heart and listen with your heart for their response to you. At first this will take some practice and lots of focus, but once the connection has been made, you will find it becomes easy.

I have a strong connection with my Divine Twin. I interact with her every day. My twin will help connect you to YOUR twin.

I will share the name of your Divine Twin with you once the connection is made.

This service is available only to paying members of Life In 5D.

Please note: Even if you are in a happy relationship, connection is imperative as the above article explains. They will never interfere though, as they only want your happiness. They will guide you though. Regardless all is telepathic anyway, so your thoughts are just that…yours.

Besides, many have found out that the Divine Twin is the higher self of the person they are with…enhancing their relationship greatly.

Even some have found their Divine Twins were spouses that have “passed” or another person in their life that they had an uncanny and super close relationship with.

The Divine Twin always wants to stay close to their other half…to watch over them.

Joining the Innerversity is more than just connecting with your Divine Twin Flame though. It teaches you how to connect with the otherside, where your relatives and friends that have “passed” are. They are waiting for you to make contact. And of course all of our friends upstairs, including the Ascended Masters, Angels and ArchAngels, etc.

So addition this membership will teach you with 100% accuracy how to connect with “passed” friends and relatives. Again this will take commitment on your part. The higher realms are not at all like the 3rd dimension…our so called reality!

Private Facebook Group


Our interactive community is very different from the other Twin Flame and Ascension groups out there. This is where people who have connected with their Divine Twin can gather to exchange stories and their own personal experiences.

There’s NOTHING as powerful as getting a group of people who all share the same vision, values, and goals together in a group working together to help one another.

As you’ve probably experienced, groups like this are the places where lifelong friendships and relationships are born …so it’s way more than “just” a Facebook Group. It’s a community that can continue to benefit you for the rest of your life.

Q&A with Fred and Lucina


Within our community, you can ask me (or any other member) any question you would like.

In addition, your question is discussed with other members also, because they in turn may be able to offer you their own advice from personal experiences. We all offer our own opinions/advice so you get multiple perspectives, because none of us are alike and each is experiencing this ascension differently. So it is like a family around the table, having a talk.

Together, we use the power of compounded focus to get help with challenges you might have, and we use our collective experience, resources, and discoveries to help you take what’s working now and “amplify it” so your life can be even BETTER.

This means you’ll get personal help from me and other members of the Life In 5D Innerversity …and you’ll get to contribute, show all what you’ve accomplished, and have the satisfaction of helping others who are a lot like you.

Remember this is a journey we are all on, yet everyone has their own unique perspective and some of us are at different stages along our path, so we may have already experienced the clarity that you are asking for.

12 Part Mystery Course

$1000 value

Former member of the legendary Brotherhood Secret Society breaks his silence and reveals the closely guarded, proven money making and success secrets that the wealthy, powerful and influential don’t want you to now about!

This amazing course reprograms your mind and releases the sleeping power of the Law of Attraction dormant within you.

This 12-part course will provide you with practical tools, applications, and simple to follow exercises that will assist you on your journey toward achieving your greatest goals.

The host of this course was one of my greatest mentors prior to reuniting with Lucina (my Divine Twin Flame). She told me I need to learn this information first, in order for her to reach out to me from behind the veil. The teachings that I learned from him helped me to recognize her “clues”.

Personal Ascension Coaching

Invaluable New Bonus

After 5 years of training now from the otherside, I understand much more. Each individual on this Planet is here for a reason, and that is an answer I will help you find.

After each three month interval, you and I will set up a private phone call at no extra charge to you. In this call we will discuss where you are on you ascension path, and what is needed to advance it.

In addition there will be a monthly email correspondence between us, to ensure you are on the right track. In time you will no longer need me, as you will be ready to FLY yourself.

Contact me immediately when you join, so we can schedule your first call, and I can get you off to a great start. Then we will talk every three months after that.

I will know in our first conversation if you are serious or not, as I will question you. Readiness is important. This will show your willingness to learn, as it is stated in the bonus audio course.

If you are not ready to commit to the quarterly calls, I have an email service I have just added. Again as above it is monthly, yet there are no calls involved. It is half the cost, so if you are so inclined that may be your ticket. If you are not ready to “go further” you can always click “begin here” on the home page.

Your Ascension is all but guaranteed, yet it is your participation that will make it happen. I can show you the door, yet you are the one who needs to walk through it.

This will benefit all as my focus is to build a community with the tribe…hence the private and individual calls. They (the beings on the otherside) are here to help guide you to the higher realms.

I have that connection with the otherside and I’m here to help you strengthen your own connection with the otherside, so you are experiencing all of the advantages of “divine” guidance.

Coming soon…weekly videos!

Nobody gets lasting success alone.

We NEED to surround ourselves with people who share the same goals, values, and the same mission so we can support each other, stay sharp, stay focused, hold each other accountable, and work together for mutual success.

And that’s exactly what the Life In 5D Innerversity and Fellowship is about.

What it will do for you

The ultimate benefit of…

💗 Applying what you learn and gain through the Life In 5D Roadmap,

📑 Reading Books 1 and 2 of Tales from the Otherside,

💞 Connecting consciously with your Divine Twin Flame,

👥 Participating within the Private Facebook Group,

🤔 Getting insightful Answers to your Questions,

🌟 Personal Ascension coaching sessions, and

💖 Learning even more deeply how to be, do and have all that you desire in your life

…is going to be for you to really empower every aspect of your life, turn yourself into a powerful manifester, and transform your lifestyle in ways nothing else has ever helped you do.

How it works

It’s really simple. There are only a seven things that make this work for you.

1️⃣ Use the Life In 5D Roadmap.

2️⃣ Go through the Courses and do the Exercises.

3️⃣ Read the Books.

4⃣ Connect with your Divine Twin Flame.

5⃣ Interact in the Group.

6⃣ Ask your Questions.

7️⃣ Master the Basics.

8️⃣ Participate in quarterly private phone calls with me, so you can get one-on-one coaching.

What I want you to do next


If you implement everything I’m sharing with you, you’ll see amazing results in your life.

And that’s why you should join the Life In 5D Fellowship right now.

The price is just $100 every month or you can save $200 and pay $1,000 for the year.

And that includes everything mentioned above.

Below you’ll see a button that says “Yes! I am ready!”

Why you should do it now

I have NEVER offered this level of personal access and ongoing support for ANY price and may never do it again. As I showed you in the Life In 5D Challenge, THIS STUFF IS WORKING.

Frankly, I’m offering this Life In 5D Blueprint and Fellowship more as a “labor of love” than anything else. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do so again due to, the fact the world is changing right before our eyes, and quite frankly I’m in the higher realms more and more all the time.

So honestly, I am not sure how much longer I will be accessing this 3D world.

The “Innerversity” will exist, yet the personal service from me may not.

I’m here to guide all, yet that time may be limited.

Here’s why you should enroll today.

To prove to yourself and your family that you’re not a talker or a dreamer but a doer.

Sure, you could put this off …but what’s that going to get you?

So if you know this is right for you and will help you, enroll right now.

Which option is best for you?

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Personal Ascension Coaching via Email only

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Pay Monthly

$100 signup fee and

$50 per month

Recurring monthly payment – cancel anytime.


$100 signup fee and

$500 per year

Recurring yearly payment – SAVE $100.

Personal Ascension Coaching via Email & Calls

Pay Monthly

Zero signup fee and

$100 per month

Recurring monthly payment – cancel anytime.


Zero signup fee and

$1,000 per year

Recurring yearly payment – SAVE $200.