The Easiest Way to Ascend and Enter the Higher Realms

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In this article, we explore…

  • The connection between Twin Flames and Ascension.
  • How a Divine Twin Flame is different than just a Twin Flame.
  • How Ascension and Divine Twins are intertwined.
  • Why it's the time for Twins to reunite and how it relates to why we are here.
  • The intelligent role of the elemental kingdom.
  • And how you can make Ascension easier for yourself and others.

In order to be able to access the higher realms and live within them, we must learn to FEEL and think with our heartmind, and not our brains. 

We were taught that our brains were the most important part of our bodies, and our heart was only an organ that pumped blood throughout it.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, and it isn’t until you open it up fully.

Do you realize that all you see in front of you is not real?

This is when what we think of as “magic” becomes a daily reality. The answers lie within (they always have), and will never be found outside, because who knows you better than yourself. 

You just need to learn to trust what is coming from you is correct, and when you begin to live from the heart, you will. You will just begin to KNOW that what you are feeling is true.

The connection between Twin Flames and ascending

When I was first reunited with my Twin I didn’t understand the importance of them because I lived and thought with my brain (the EGO mind).

Yet the more I opened my heartmind I began to understand not only the importance of them, I realized that without the pure love generated between the two, it makes the task of moving from the lower to the higher realms that much more difficult.

See love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and is the gateway to the higher realms.

This is why it is imperative to open your heartmind, or you risk playing within the lower realms (i.e., the 4th dimension).

What is a Divine Twin versus just a Twin?

Simply put the Divine Twin is the higher self of the Twin, and they think with their heartminds and come from pure love only.

My twin named Sheryl (this is the name I used when she was alive), ascended into her higher self – Lucina – while working on raising my vibration. Twins are connected (each one half of the whole), so what I was doing was directly affecting her.

At first it was Sheryl.

They are one in the same though don’t get me wrong, yet Lucina now comes from pure love and it is just DIFFERENT.

Many believe that after we pass, we automatically ascend into our higher selves.

That is not the case, as there can be much karma that still needs to be resolved.

When Sheryl “passed” she took this stuck energy (Karma) with her, and it wasn’t until we worked together on me, that she too was elevated by our actions and went into the light.

You know the saying “as above, so below”. Well it goes both ways also, and “as below, so above”.

There are many meanings for this saying, yet when we discuss Twins, this is the definition.

In the higher realms, it “just is”, and you will learn this.

Just like we are multidimensional beings that can be in two places at once, there can be many meanings for the same word or phrase.

Here everything is so rigid and black and white (duality), there everything just flows, more like a river and blends. This is one minded consciousness.

Ascension and Divine Twins are intertwined

At first because I thought with my brain not my heart, I believed that they were two different things/events. Yet as I moved forward, I realized the absolute critical role Twins play.

We were taught here about physical love only, and it is meant to be kept private.

Yet that is not the only love I speak of. The kind I am talking about is Universal love, and one that only can be attained by accessing your heartmind.

So I thought they weren’t connected, and I found out not only were they, yet that it was key to making the transition from 3D to 5D much easier.

Time for Twins to reunite

We were told this time and time again from the higher realms over many years, yet the reasoning just wasn’t understood. The power generated by the love between Twins is so strong it can create worlds, and I understand that now. So we were needed originally to come together from inside the matrix, and guide waves of energy from the central Sun into Planet Earth as the Dark was trying to stop them. This was many Twin couples, not just Lucina and I.

Once that was accomplished, the waves were able to arrive in the atmosphere without any help needed from within, because the gate was opened. Hence why you have heard the terms Gate Keeper and Key Holder. A gate that was closed tight for thousands of years.

Now they arrive daily, and this is what you see and feel (ascension symptoms).

At this moment in time, we combine our energies each and every morning, and send a wave of love energy that washes over the entire planet. See this article.

The vortex that is created; the one described in the article is absolutely true.

Lucina and I merged in July of this year, and the massive power we can generate now, affects billions of people. This was part of our mission all along, and it just escalated as time moved on.

First it was the reuniting, then “The Twin Flame Project”, then the guiding of the waves INTO our Planet, now it is the love wave each day.

This is why we were told long ago, it was time for Twins to reunite.

It was our mission and plan, in order to bring the love back to this planet and place it firmly into the 5th dimension. So now that kind of love can to be accessed, and is here once again.

This is why we are here

I understand some may be in healthy relationships right now, and may feel as if they have no need to connect with their twin. Yet they come from pure love and our happiness is theirs.

So they would never interfere, and come between two happy people.

So you can have a strictly platonic relationship, although they will personally guide you.

Remember the love is not physical love only.

Yet you are here for a reason, and that is to bring light to a world that has been in the depths of the dark for eons now.

You speak thru telepathy anyway, so all you say is never heard regardless.

There is no need for a loving relationship, yet you can still spread your love across the Planet.

Plus remember as you increase your love and light, those around you increase theirs as well.

So your existing relationship will be enhanced by the interaction, between you and your Divine Twin. In addition, some have found out that their Divine Twin IS the higher self of the person they are with, and the reason they were brought together originally.

Sit down now!

I want to tell a story that explains why a Twin guiding and mentoring you thru these times is super important. Now we all have access to the masters, angels etc.

Yet as our bodies are changing we are hit with massive ascension symptoms suddenly at times.

These can be very confusing at the moment, and our guides are not always with us.

Yes we can call them in of course at any time, yet only if we are in the state of mind where that thought even occurs to us, and we know that when these symptoms hit us, we definitely are not thinking clearly.

One day I was out barefoot walking in this field, just enjoying the power coming from the Planet, and the Sun at the same time.

When suddenly Lucina says to me, “SIT DOWN!”

I said, “now”?

She said, “yes right now”.

Just then a wave of energy came thru that was so strong, that if I had been standing it would have knocked me down.

I cannot tell you how many times she explained to me what was happening with my body.

Each and every time it was a comfort to know, because there were incidents when the changes were so massive, that if I had not known what was going on, I would have gone to the emergency room. That in itself says a lot, because I know just how bad this western medicine is, and avoid it all the time.

I feel for those who have no clue as to what is happening, and are left to figure it out on their own. I thank Lucina each and every day for guiding me thru these times.

The elemental kingdom

We were taught (and purposely) that the elemental kingdom was a myth, and not real.

This is another false belief planted in our brains.

It keep us from our true heritage as wondrous beings.

Fairies, gnomes, mermaids, etc., are all very real and have been in front of us the whole time.

It is our vibration that has been so lowered by our environmental exposure to all the violence, death and destruction, that has led them to be hidden from us.

Again as with Twins, fairies are personal, and they are “assigned” on a one on one basis.

They are here to help us with our ascension, and can help you to raise your vibration.

They will explain what to do, and what to avoid.

Their energy is incredible (childlike), and wonderful.

Yet never underestimate their intelligence.

They like to have fun, yet while learning/teaching.

They can also explain what is happening to your body, because they are always with you, and like with a Twin connection, they can “walk” you to become a light being once again.

Which is what we are.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around…like many think.

I have been blessed with the capability of “assigning” these miraculous beings to people.

The very first night almost two years ago now, she came to me I didn’t understand who she was at the time. Yet the next day, the Queen of the Fairies was on a call that explained they have been asked to get involved now. It was then I understood.

So they are here to help guide us.

About a year later I found out she is the eldest daughter of the Queen.

The following is a correspondence I had with the other side to help me confirm above (what I already knew), yet I want to share another perspective for all reading this.

After being trained by my Divine Twin for the last three years, I understand the importance of Twins (being in 5d) and how they guide their counterparts incarnate in 3d.

At first I thought ascension and the reunification of Divine Twins were separate things/events.

Yet as time went on I was convinced that the exact opposite was true.

You need to reunite with your Divine Twin to ascend!

There are many who do not believe in this concept, so I decided to ask my contacts on the other side. Since I have reunited many of you with your Twins, I have also become friends with some of you on the surface here as well as with your Divine Twins in the higher realms.

My question for Paak  (one of my contacts on the other side) was this:

I know love, pure love and not just the physical love we are taught about in 3d, is imperative for reaching the other side. Are Divine Twins the way to that?

Is it absolutely necessary to reunite with your Divine Twin in order for you to fully ascend into the 5th dimension?

His answers was…


Opening the heartmind is a pre-requisite for entering the higher realms.

Your Twin will train you in how to do this.

The ones who do not concentrate on opening their heartminds (i.e. learning how to FEEL and relying instead on their physical senses only) may be fooled."
The Divine Twin of Adrienne

Look at this article that I wrote Here We Go Again. It explains it well.

I was also informed that a false Matrix could be created, and even though some might THINK they have ascended, they in fact would be in a new Matrix; one disguised as 5d yet in 4d and controlled by the same Dark ones that created the original one that imprisons us here now.

The only way to avoid this is by opening your heartmind and learning to FEEL.

It is impossible to lie to the heartmind.

You will just know by FEELING, if things are right or not.

So understanding the dangers here, I reached out to him (Paak) again. I originally asked him the above question in November of 2017, yet because I have learned a lot more in the months since, I posed another question.

Paak wasn’t available as there is a lot happening now in which he is directly involved.

People may not realize this…

But there is a literal war currently raging between Good and Evil …Light and Dark.

So his other half, his Twin (the Higher Self of who is alive here now) answered me for him.

I first mentioned that I understand that individuals need to be reunited with their Divine Twins and learn to open their heartminds with them, yet I had another question:

What about the others?

You know, those who have not chosen that path; the path of opening your heartmind and learning to FEEL. Instead these ones have chosen to rely only on what they see.

This was her response verbatim:

She (Ariana) started by drawing a parallel with Gaia’s ascension.

"The simplest way to put it is that there are two halves to a whole. No Being can ascend from 3d through 4d and into 5d unless it is whole. In the individual case wholeness requires not only that the Twins be reunited but also that they vibrate at the same level.

So reunification is necessary but not sufficient condition for ascension.

To attain the vibrational level sufficient for ascension after initial reunification one must work to heal those parts of the self that are blocking the heart/mind from completely opening.

Once the heart/mind is completely open then the individual can continue to work with the higher vibrational twin to increase vibration to the Twin's level.

That is what the Metatron healing book is for.

Methods to clear all blockages so balance and higher vibrational frequency can be attained. The bottom line is "yes" you need to be united with your twin to ascend."
Adrienne's Higher Self and Paak's Twin

Note: The Metatron book she mentions is something I’ve recommended also.

I, myself, have read it and it is very powerful.

I will make it available on this site at some point.

Yet that is like putting the cart before the horse …follow my instructions first.

Make sure you adhere to the daily checklist and focus on opening your heartmind.

This will get you closer to your Twin. They will take over from there.

Now she (Ariana) goes on to say:

"You and people in general are looking at the separation of worlds from a 3d perspective.


This is a very difficult question because the answer makes no sense to a 3d mind thus the myriad opinions on this subject. Even after the Pulse (Event) all will be at a higher frequency but all will not be in the same place of understanding what is transpiring within them.

There are bands of frequencies within dimensions. All will not be within the same band. Different levels of internal work will be required depending upon where you were before the Pulse. All is still changing.

There will be 4d holding/healing centers around the New Earth that will be home to those who are not yet completely whole and who are still of a lower frequency than required to fully inhabit 5d.

Those in 5d will then work with those in healing centers to become whole."
Adrienne's Higher Self and Paak's Twin

Now this is from her after she stopped channeling:

"My understanding is that they will be protected from the dark matrix as it exists here and in the earth's 4d as these healing centers will be housed within 5d Gaia somehow.

What I think she is saying is that the 4d that is experienced in the healing centers will not be the same because it is not under the control and manipulation of the dark ETs for their ends. I get the idea that it is like a simulation chamber where you could still work on your shadow side issues, etc., just with more direct help and instruction from those already in 5d and no REAL threat from malevolent entities.

On the mothership I am reading about how they use hologram chambers to introduce those of 3d frequency to higher level frequencies so they can adjust gradually.

I have been hearing about these healing chambers for a long time.

I think this is what that is all about."
The Divine Twin of Paak

Now this is from me, Fred.

I understand all of this and the new membership – the Life In 5D Blueprint and Fellowship – is designed to help create the balance she speaks of above.

The balance needed to ascend into the higher dimensions.

Just like my mind needed to be expanded over time, here I will do the same.

I recently offered one-on-one blueprint sessions, where I provided a roadmap of sorts for you.

Yet there is so much more information than I could ever convey in a 90 minute session.

So I thought of this as a solution.

The balance she speaks of above is the point I have been trying to get across for years now in my articles, websites, etc. Now is the time to work with ones who are serious and willing to put in the work yet to also honor the others’ right to make their own choices.

Free will is still in effect.

We aren’t here to judge, yet there are ones who prefer results and fast.

Yet it is time to learn the concept of “delayed gratification” (results over time) and not “instant gratification” (immediate result – I want the result now or I walk).

So it is time to focus on yourself.

Remember this:

Focus on raising your own light/vibration and others cannot help but be positively affected by your own inner work. You light up the world then!

Quite frankly, sooner or later everyone is going to have to do this work anyway!

So join me here and let me help you find your way home.

Ascension made easy

Now the choice is totally yours, as everyone’s path is different.

It is just rather than going thru these difficult (yet exciting) times alone, your path (ascension) can be made easier…much easier.

It is here you will find the steps necessary to complete your journey into the 5th dimension.

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This is when someone (my Divine Twin) whom had “passed” in 1981, reaches out to me from beyond the grave (veil), so we can begin our mission.

When I ended my first book in early 2012, I had mentioned how that was going to be a pivotal year, yet in my wildest dreams I never expected this.

I reunited with my one true love and I am now on a journey that each and every day is better than the last. I just love life now, and realize the promise of the future just holds wonders that are beyond our imaginations.

Live life in the present, go inside and interact with your inner being. All it takes is quiet time, get rid of the distractions of everyday life and listen, it is that easy.

This is a true story that began in 1978, and ended abruptly with death in 1981. Yet began anew in 2012 when she started to reach out to me from the other side.

It is about the reuniting of two Twin Flames across the dimensions, using the strongest force in the universe….love.

Understand that even though this is a story of two individuals, just like we are all one, this book and the journey within it pages, affects us all. Everyone can have the same experience.

I have also included in here, all the steps I was taught from her and others to allow me to see, converse and interact with them. So think of this as a roadmap, and one that couldn’t be written without the information from the Other Side.

Name of Your Divine Twin


Consciously reconnecting with your Divine Twin Flame begins with calling their name out from your heart. Telepathy is a spiritual gift that we all have and is a silent heart communication. This takes place in your heart mind.

You can talk to your twin through your heart and listen with your heart for their response to you. At first this will take some practice and lots of focus, but once the connection has been made, you will find it becomes easy.

I have a strong connection with my Divine Twin. I interact with her every day. My twin will help connect you to YOUR twin.

I will share the name of your Divine Twin with you once the connection is made.

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Please note: Even if you are in a happy relationship, connection is imperative as the above article explains. They will never interfere though, as they only want your happiness. They will guide you though. Regardless all is telepathic anyway, so your thoughts are just that…yours.

Besides, many have found out that the Divine Twin is the higher self of the person they are with…enhancing their relationship greatly.

Even some have found their Divine Twins were spouses that have “passed” or another person in their life that they had an uncanny and super close relationship with.

The Divine Twin always wants to stay close to their other half…to watch over them.

Joining the Innerversity is more than just connecting with your Divine Twin Flame though. It teaches you how to connect with the otherside, where your relatives and friends that have “passed” are. They are waiting for you to make contact. And of course all of our friends upstairs, including the Ascended Masters, Angels and ArchAngels, etc.

So addition this membership will teach you with 100% accuracy how to connect with “passed” friends and relatives. Again this will take commitment on your part. The higher realms are not at all like the 3rd dimension…our so called reality!

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About the author:

About the author:

An Indigo child born in 1962, it was my mission to connect the two worlds (3D and 5D). I always felt “out of place” here, as if something was off and never conformed to it.

Refusing to work for anyone other than myself, I started a company at the age of 22 in my parents garage. My office was my childhood bedroom. In just 8 years and well before the internet was invented and without any form of advertising, it had customers worldwide. Then the same people that I recognized when I was younger, the ones that made this world seem “off”, approached me at 37 years old and proceeded to rip the company and success I had built, from me. By 42, just 20 years after I began my company, it was all gone and I went from being very wealthy to penniless.

This was all part of the plan as I would find out later, because you cannot build a new structure until the old is burned down to the ground. So I spent the next decade awakening my spiritual abilities and remembering how the universe works.

It was at the end of that 10 years, that my Divine Twin who I knew as Sheryl (whom had “passed” in 1981) began to awaken me from the other side of the veil. It was then that we proceeded to construct a bridge which connects the 3rd and 5th dimensions – a bridge that many cross daily now and one that could only be built with the most powerful force in the Universe…love.

At 55, I enjoy a life of wonder and amazement every day. I now experience daily, things that were once thought to be impossible.

I've built this website to share the resources and insights that I've received from the other side as well as to help fellow lightworkers navigate through the new 5D world.