Checklist for Raising Your Vibration

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The following is a checklist for raising your vibration. This is the key, not only to enter the higher realms (ascend), yet to see and feel them more deeply as well. It just takes a few simple things to do, or eliminate on your part. This checklist will help you raise your vibration.

Please note this is only a guideline and a starting point. You never want to deprive yourself as this LOWERS your vibration. You will notice as it rises, things will fall out of favor, and conversely you will be attracted to others. Do what’s best for you, yet start somewhere.

The world is changing and it is time for us to adapt to the new upgrades.


Meditate (Quiet Time)

Best time is 2am – 4am.

I get up that early, for two reasons:

Firstly, it is the best time to connect, because the 5D energies are high, and the 3D ones (resistance) are very low.

The second reason is that now I go for hours, because once you realize that the real world is within and not what you see, you will naturally want to spend more time there. Plus the excuse of “I cannot find the time” will be removed …as meditation (quiet) time will be the top priority.

You can start for 15 minutes at first though.

Example: You normally get up at 7am.

Get up 20 minutes early and arrange your spot then meditate for 15 minutes.

Use the same spot all the time, as your energies get anchored there.

Make it YOURS.

Crystals, feathers, candle, incense… whatever works.

This is your spot…make it special for you.

No distractions, this means clocks, cellphones etc. Even “meditation” music, as it will keep you from not only hearing the buzzing in your head/ears (which are downloads, and us coming into alignment with their frequency), yet it will also distract you from noticing the FEELINGS within your body.

Meditation music, light language, etc., are fine for experienced ones who understand quiet time. 

It is for the beginner, that absolute silence is needed. This is to help form the belief patterns in them. To make them aware of energy surges and messages from the other side. 

Whereas the experienced one already has that. It is an inner knowing.

Notice the energy surges, tingles, tickles, breezes…whatever. This is the otherside getting in touch. Until you raise your vibration to a certain level, this is how they communicate. You will “graduate” to verbal afterwards.

As you meditate all the things you need to do, will come up.

This is just your EGO mind fighting what you are doing, because it knows once you activate your heart-mind (when the chatter goes away), you will not need it any longer.

So keep pushing the chatter to the side, and when it stays there (this could take days, weeks) it is then you activate your heart-mind.

Then a whole other world…the real one opens up for you.

I now go 2-3 hours easy. Once you begin to FEEL the other side, you will naturally want to spend more time there. This is when you’ll begin to understand all you see is just an illusion.

Eliminate breakfast.

Have a green drink.

Or have a combination green and chocolate drink (with whole foods) every morning. As you slowly remove solid food from your diet, you will notice your vibration goes higher. Solid food, causes a depletion of energy, and is the cause behind aging.

Remember though we still have to maintain our bodies, so going without food is not the answer. This is why the word “die” is in “dieting”.

The shakes should give you all the nutrients your body needs, follow the labels closely.

As you move forward in time, you may add more shakes and eat less food.

Keep fruit or berries around to snack on.

Try to avoid animal products at all costs. This is a major drain on our systems.

Thousands of years ago, our DNA was spliced with that of animals.

Think of the hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt; that depict animal heads on human bodies.

So in essence, every time we eat meat we are performing cannibalism and it throws our energy off on a soul level.

As your vibration rises, you will sense this and the thought of meat will make you sick.

I look at a steak now, and only see the leg of a cow.

Moderation on all things though.

Never deprive yourself.

So slow down your consumption, a little at a time.

Forget what we have been told, about anything…even nutrition.

I was told by a higher being, “Get rid of all your beliefs they are all lies anyway”.




No Coffee

Coffee is a definite no-no.

It seriously disconnects you from the higher realms.

When I have coffee, which I do have occasionally, my Divine Twin (who is within me 24/7) sounds like she is suddenly on the other side of the room, or house.

Plus, I lose all contact with my other mentors until my body assimilates it.

It is the same with alcohol.

So keep both to a minimum.

This is super important. It can mean going out and walking in it, sitting on a park bench and letting it enter your body. Gazing at it thru a window (this protects the pupils).

When outside try not to use sunglasses. 

Sunglasses block the rays that enter in through your pupils and feed your soul and pineal gland (we are light beings, after all), waking up your 3rd eye.

The 3rd eye is your ticket to seeing the higher realms.

Where most see just air now with empty space, I see much activity.

They occupy the same space as we do, just on another level of existence.

Try limiting the use of the sun visor in your car.

FEEL the energy, as it enters your body.

Ideally, you will come to love the Sun.


Get Sun


Drink Water

Water is so important because our bodies are made up of over 70% water.

Yet it must be pure and not in or from plastic (plastic is toxic), and you must Alkalize.

Google Alkaline water and find it in your area.

I drink a gallon to 1 1⁄2 a day.

You can Alkaline your body in other ways also…again Google it.

Think of a yucky green swimming pool.

You add chemicals to balance the PH, which in turn cleans the water.

Well our bodies are the same on the inside, you just don’t see it.

They are yucky green, and the Alkalinity balances the PH.

Balanced means no sickness or disease, EVER.

Don’t you want a crystal clear and clean body operating on the inside?

Like a beautiful pool you just cannot wait to dive in!

This is what I suggest, although you don’t have to wait a year to see results.

Once a week for a year…

Go into an infra-red sauna for 30 minutes or more (and it must be infra-red, and not steam).

Followed by 10 minutes on a vibe machine.

Then lastly a 30 minute footbath (must be an Ionic Footbath).

All in a row, and this is why.

The sauna loosens up the debris.

The vibe machine dislodges them and gets them moving around freely.

Lastly the footbath draws them out.

Not many know this, although there are more sweat glands in the feet, then the armpits.

So the crystal clear water becomes brown and black…every time. Even now I get dark water, and that is because we are exposed to heavy metals, and all kinds of pollutants daily.

Maintain monthly…all three services.

Now the connection doesn’t take that long, and that is pretty much immediate, yet it gets so much stronger over time.

Detoxing your body is a major key to raising the vibration.

We have picked up much debris in our travels here in 3D.

Yet we MUST remove them to raise our vibrations to enter the higher realms.

We just cannot go there with them…our bodies are just too dense.

We need to lighten up, to raise up.

The sauna is preferred, so if it is available…do it. 

If not at least a weekly Ionic Footbath.

I have been doing this weekly going on 5 years now. 

Want better (perfect) health and connection? Well better out then in.




Live In 5D

It’s very IMPORTANT to back out of 3D society as much as possible.

Do this slowly and as it permits in your life.

Say no to social functions that you can, just being around other people, you pick up their feelings.

Plus you need to realize it is all an illusion anyway.

This you will notice as your heartmind opens.

Turn off the TV, and radio.

Listen to music, yet instrumentals.

Words have power and some negative.

Get out into nature.

Ground your body.

Walk in nature if possible.

Take of your shoes and socks, sit on a bench and put your feet on mother Earth (we are connected), or walk in a field barefooted.

Think of how great you feel when you walk on the beach!

Get out into nature more.

“Want to see how the higher realms work”, I was told? “Observe nature”.

This will raise your vibration.

Boost Your Vibration Even Further

The lessons below will help you succeed as you move through the next stages of your journey to the other side. It is not a difficult place to get to, yet you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and change. Remember, if you want things in your life to change, then you are going to have to change things in your life.

Start with this one first though as it explains in detail the easiest way to walk into 5D.

The following 6 lessons expand on the Checklist in greater detail:
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