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This website is unlike any you have EVER encountered before, as it focuses on developing you.

That is the key, and it always has been. See our Life In 5D Innerversity and learn how to live a 5D life, while here navigating the 3rd dimension.

My name is Fred Greaves and I have been constantly training in the 5th dimension and higher dimensional realities, the last few years by my Divine Twin Flame who “passed” in 1981.

She began to awaken me from behind the veil/grave in 2012, and we were officially reunited two years later in 2014. What I have learned from her is that we need no outside influence or remedy whatsoever as it is all within us. 

She taught me that all we know is an illusion, and not just what we see, yet the pain we feel.

Everything you need or ever have is within.

Some even really good lightworkers are being fooled with their eyes. They need to learn to operate from the heart, because you cannot lie to the heart, and you will never be taken advantage of again. Remember, there is a false light matrix being constructed.


One disguised as 5d yet still within 4d and run by the same entities who wish to control us now.

They prey on ones who rely on their eyes only.

Watch your back, and tell all you know!

About 2 years ago, many Divine Twins in the higher dimensions reached out to their other halves here on the surface and told them to tell me be careful…and get the word out.

Many really great channels are now being deceived by the false light matrix.

They are upset about losing their favorite toy (planet Earth), and are now weaving their web of lies and illusions throughout the lightworker community.

In addition it has gotten harder for them over the last few years, because as the vibration on the planet has risen, they can no longer operate on the surface.

Hence the reason for going after the channels, as they can only spew their lies from the 4th dimension (the Astral plane) now.

Many channels are already gone. We are on the New Earth now, and they can no longer hold the vibration. This is the danger of living through your eyes, and not your heart.

The solution is really simple.

You can learn how to have perfect health, have, be or do anything you want as well as many more things. See we are born perfect and with these abilities intact, it is just our society stifles them rather than helping/encouraging us to develop them.

Opening the heartmind is the solution to all of these challenges.


Now while I have offered products before to help you heal from our sojourns (travels) here on Earth, and I used them for a few years myself and are a great bridge, yet with what I have learned if you follow my lead, even those can be eliminated.

As you work to develop these capabilities, you will see you are on a journey, one that gets better daily. You will find many of the things you are paying for now, are not only draining your wallet, yet in some cases they are adversely affecting your vibration, and vibration is the key.

We just need to learn how to raise that vibration and accessing what is our birthright.

Use the Universal Law to OUR benefit!

(Turn this planet on its ear)

Most if not all have heard of the Law of Attraction (like attracts like).

What that basically means is what you focus on and feel about primarily, you create in your life.

Some say…

“I have tried that, and it doesn’t work.”

I’m here to say…

“Yes it does!”

It is just we have been using it in reverse.

Focusing on what we do not want, and feeling it in our bones.

The more we focus on all the death and destruction in the world, the more we bring to us.

We've made our own mess.

We have created our own hole.

I can use another word, yet I won’t, I think you understand.

This is the main reason why the higher realms are pure bliss.

They NEVER EVER think of anything that is bad.

This is why we have heard the saying that in the higher realms, there is no good or bad.

It just is.

The concept of good, bad or right, wrong, is duality.

There they experience oneness, and that is something you need to reawaken to.

Many have said…

“Well Fred, I cannot do what you do.”

That is only an excuse, as you can do something… not all I did (no need to), because I was taught all this stuff to bring this information out to the masses.

Yet something…just follow my lead.

The Universe wants to see only a small step in the general direction.

It then says, “this person is serious, let’s send some synchronicities their way”.


How I Got This Connection

For a better understanding of Fred, who I am and my connection to the 5th Dimension… 

View these two videos:

The first is an interview from 2015

The second is from 2016 (a full year later)

This video shows my miraculous connection and how it was enhanced over that time.

Just look at the visual evidence after being trained to raise my vibration to get this information …this was only 21 months.

A picture is worth a thousand words

So if you’re new to living life in 5D, start here with this challenge:

Begin Here – https://lifein5d.love/challenge

Then when you are ready to move further along on your journey:

Go Further – https://lifein5d.love/experiencing-life-in-5d

Much love and light,


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