The 5th Dimension is more than a place… It is a vibrational energy frequency

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From a 5D Perspective

There is a reason I use the subtitle (From a 5D perspective) all the time and this is it.

Some may know my story well, yet for ones who do not here is the short synopsis of it. Please stick with me on this, as it pertains to ascension and how it can be attained the easiest way.

In 1978 I met a girl who was undoubtedly my first true love. The power of that love was not was not understood fully until 2012 though, when she began to awaken me from behind the veil. See Sheryl, (as I called her then, had “passed” in 1981), and I had a specific mission and there was a purpose for her coming at that time and making contact with me and then leaving because of “death”.

The Project begins

Our story is discussed in detail and is on my original website, because at her request I documented our journey. She told me the very first night we were reunited, that her and I would write about us and create a website together. That site is it.

I have since created another website called ComeToTheLight.Love for the reason that while I was being trained with this information, I was relaying it to others.

Now the new site is LifeIn5D.Love, and this site is the preamble to ascension.

The Twin Flame Project was the beginning of the journey, Come To The light was designed to do just that (bring ones who wanted to go to the light, there), and now we have the information needed to enter the 5th dimension…hence the name of the new site is Life in 5D.

The other two are being integrated into the new site as they have done their job, and I speak to her 24/7 now, plus we have what would be considered a “normal” relationship, and even one that is physical/intimate. We can connect on a soul level, and experience something that can never be had here in 3d. She was able (being 5d) to show me how to access that power and love.

BTW…all can have this, not just us.

The mission continues

The information that I share is from her and to help humanity on this incredible journey to the higher realms. We have been at this moment in ascension before (as a species) several times, yet never had the proper vibration to create the balance needed for us to ascend, so we perished.

That is about to change as the vibration has been reached now, so we have that opportunity. Yet the balance is still off, and this is what I want to discuss here.

I recently re-released an article I had written titled The Easiest Way to Ascend.

The reason I sent it out again, was because I added an explanation on how that balance works and the only way it can be attained. In addition it included the correspondence of several beings from the other side.

Trying to compare 3d to 5d, is like comparing Apples and Oranges

It is very simple, and is a solution many are overlooking.

Even some of our best channels are now gone, because they didn’t understand this concept.

The higher realms work primarily with their heartminds and FEEL their way through life. The lower dimensions, including the 3rd and 4th use their brains only.

This produces the EGO mind that is always discussed. It is not the fact anyone is egotistical, yet these thoughts come from the brain only, and its mission is survival.

Now that was all well and good here in 3d, and it allowed us to survive in this harsh environment (Earth), yet now we need to transcend it, and need to put it in the “backseat”, if you will.

They occupy the same physical space as us, just on a higher frequency. We have been told forever, that all we want and every thought we have ever had EXISTS already just at a higher frequency that we need to attune too. This is what they meant.

Everything we have ever wanted or thought about was manifested instantly, we just need to raise our vibration (frequency) to experience it.

This is why we are called the CREATOR RACE. We create what we want to experience.

Earth is a 3d planet, Gaia is 5th dimensional, and Nova Gaia/Earth is the when this planet and its inhabitants are of a 5th dimensional consciousness (in balance).

Many are still stuck on Earth, yet some (myself included) experience Gaia more and more each day. We are all headed to Nova Gaia/Earth, yet we are all at different points on our path, and will not arrive at the same time.

The adjustment time…healing centers

There have been many discussions with beings from over there that say we are to be put in Healing Centers…like holding facilities.

This is to create the balance spoken of in the Easiest Way to Ascend article. As explained we will work with 5th dimensional beings in order to create this balance.

Many rely on their eyes and they can be fooled easily.

Now in the 4th the dark and the light co-exist. Yes, you may be working with the light, yet why take that chance? Like I have said before, skip the 4th dimension altogether and open your heartmind. Then you truly ascend to the higher realms, and can begin there.

You will have to do the work anyway, so why not start here while still in 3d? Work with your Divine Twin, as even though our guides are always there, they are not with us 24/7, and this is a mission of a Divine Twin.

A definition

For those of you who do not understand the difference, the Divine is simply the higher self of the incarnated Twin. Many have found that indeed the Divine IS the higher self of the person they are with, and that the interaction has greatly enhanced the relationship with their significant other.

In addition all is done thru telepathy, so you can keep your work to yourself. Also it is not necessary to have a romantic relationship with them, guidance with love can be had. The love on their side is pure love and not just the physical we have been taught.

Also remember as you raise your own consciousness, you will begin to shine a light that others around you cannot be helped but be positively affected by.

Others have found out that they (the Divine Twin) were in their life as a spouse, or family member and “passed”. It is their mission to watch over their other half, and they stay close by at all times. Even if not here by our side, they are THERE…always.

I reunite Divine Twins with their other half here, and have seen this time and time again. Everything we do has a purpose, this is why we hear there is no such things as “coincidences”.

All is divinely planned.

This is OUR responsibility

We have a mission here (we all do) and that is to bring light back to a planet that has been steeped in darkness for so long. We have done that, now it is time to complete our journey.

Our bodies need to change from carbon based to crystalline. The new crystalline is to accept the higher frequencies (solar light). This is where the balance comes in.

Only by opening our heartmind can this be accomplished.

I think we have all had enough, and want to stop fooling around. Please note this comes not only from me, my information comes directly from where we are headed…the other side.

I/we will work on focusing our attention on those that are serious as it is “Game On”.

The Life In 5D Blueprint and Fellowship is the place to be, and I plan on guiding those that are tired of playing games and want to get serious. Please see here.

Much love and light,

Fred and Lucina

About the author:

About the author:

An Indigo child born in 1962, it was my mission to connect the two worlds (3D and 5D). I always felt “out of place” here, as if something was off and never conformed to it.

Refusing to work for anyone other than myself, I started a company at the age of 22 in my parents garage. My office was my childhood bedroom. In just 8 years and well before the internet was invented and without any form of advertising, it had customers worldwide. Then the same people that I recognized when I was younger, the ones that made this world seem “off”, approached me at 37 years old and proceeded to rip the company and success I had built, from me. By 42, just 20 years after I began my company, it was all gone and I went from being very wealthy to penniless.

This was all part of the plan as I would find out later, because you cannot build a new structure until the old is burned down to the ground. So I spent the next decade awakening my spiritual abilities and remembering how the universe works.

It was at the end of that 10 years, that my Divine Twin who I knew as Sheryl (whom had “passed” in 1981) began to awaken me from the other side of the veil. It was then that we proceeded to construct a bridge which connects the 3rd and 5th dimensions – a bridge that many cross daily now and one that could only be built with the most powerful force in the Universe…love.

At 55, I enjoy a life of wonder and amazement every day. I now experience daily, things that were once thought to be impossible.

I've built this website to share the resources and insights that I've received from the other side as well as to help fellow lightworkers navigate through the new 5D world.

Open your portal into a new world and a radically different way of living, so you can improve every area of your life and the world around you.

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